Sunday routine

I am loving our Sunday routine, slowly converging to a routine of sort. My ideal Sunday means no scheduled/must-do activity, plenty of open space for spontaneous activities, and a good session to “exhaust” my body.

We hit all these this Sunday. I did 9 miles run solo, the first 3miles with heavy rain which was super cooling. I almost turned back home when it started, but as I saw other runners passing by, I kept on and really enjoyed it. Then I picked up Sofia and did 5 miles with her. During our run, I suggested that we should run a marathon together before she goes to college. She agreed!!! I said, once you go off to college and don’t live with me, we should still meet once a year to run a marathon together. I know that’s a stretch of a commitment, but I think the before-college-marathon can really happen! Sharing a long run with her is absolutely among my favorite activity in the world.

after we finished, I was very hungry as I barely had any fuel for 14 miles, so I bought some tofu to munch on until we got back home.

Sofia said she was so satisfied after shower while eating breakfast. I said I’m even more satisfied because I got to run with you.

We both carried a smile for the rest of our day.

The rest of the morning was just relaxing, plan for next week, and cook lunch for the family which again I really love to do on weekends. Nothing fancy, stir fry rice with chicken and vegetables a la indonesia, and teriyaki chicken.

I watched half of Where the Crawdads Sing after lunch before hubby and I went for a couple’s massage.

Our massage was so relaxing. What I enjoyed the most was the 15 min walk back home after the massage. We haven’t had couple’s time since we got back from Bali, it was nice to be alone, not in a rush and chat.

Girls watched Gilmore girls as usual while I finished the movie. The movie is quite accurate portrait of the book which I liked a lot, but I like the book more. Sometimes the nuance feelings take longer time to sink in than few seconds in the movie.

I am very proud of watching more movies this month. I like that I can finish one movie in one weekend, better than series that take longer. But if you have a series that you recommend, do let me know.

4 thoughts on “Sunday routine

  1. Yes, that’s my favorite kind of day as well- first something to exhaust me, and then the rest of the day relaxing. I love that you and your husband got a couples massage, and I REALLY love that you ran with your daughter! My kids refuse to run with me. Running a marathon with one of them would be my dream!


  2. We barely watch any movies! We prefer series because then we can watch 30-45 minutes which is typically one episode of a series. With a movie, I don’t like breaking it up over 2-3 nights as there isn’t always a breaking point. Right now we are watching a documentary about the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. Since we both work in asset management this is especially interesting to us, but especially mind-boggling how he got away with the scheme as long as he did! I mean he was investigated by the SEC at one point and they cleared him! How!

    That day does sound really nice, though. Getting couple time is tough for us… we get some time after the boys go to bed but it’s kind of limited. I’m working on getting back into the routine of quarterly dates. Feb is way too busy for us to do anything as Phil travels part of next week and I travel part of the next 2 weeks… I get kind of stressed just thinking about. But we are gone only 2 nights for each trip so it’s not bad… just a lot for a short month! But our weekends aren’t very planned which is nice. I love how our weekends are planned now, especially Saturday which is kind of on ‘auto-pilot’ since we have a nice routine established for those days.


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