Favorite moments with the girls

I had a busy day on Saturday. It started with half hour swim with Lizzy. Inspired by Sofia, this is my second time this week to swim. It’s so nice to be inspired by my girls to do something, to try new things, and to wanting to be better. It was lovely to swim with Lizzie especially those few seconds between laps. Those are precious moments, sometimes with words, sometimes with just a smile. Then as we finished, we spent few minutes just relaxing a bit, another great moment for spontaneous conversations. She tells me about her swim mates, I asked her about her practice. Very casual, bonding time, even if it’s just few minutes.

Then I went to do a DEXA scan… nothing wrong but I do want to get a baseline assessment of my bones. A friend of mine got me serious about caring my bone health. She went through radiation to treat her breast cancer, and the drugs to induce her to early menopause (she’s 45) is causing rapid deterioration on bone density. I am still young, not in menopause but perimenopause could be a long process so I want to get a baseline.

When I finished, I went to Sofia’s Saturday swim practice again. Seeing her doing physical activities bring me so much joy. Our car ride home was almost 40 min, and it was great moment to chat casually. Topics ranged from what the fortune cookies says, to her friends, to the books she’s reading, etc. I had my AHA moment there: these are the best moments to chat with the kid. It’s not a serious conversation time, but since we were going from one place to another, we had space to chat or not chat. Those conversations are spontaneous, since she just finished physical activity, she’s also in good mood, so really open to chat about anything. I didn’t have agenda so I mainly listened and provided my two cents. I loved it!!!

We also stopped by a Japanese groceries store to explore a new place, a wish list in my journals, and we got some yummy treats for the family.

We got home almost 5pm. I was in great mood. I made some muffins for the family and set to watch The Wonder as the girls watched Gilmore girls. I didn’t know we could use the same account in two different places. What a wonder!!! The movie is heavy but well done. This is my third movie of this month. Really enjoying watch a movie by myself in my new office. 🙂

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