5 on Friday

I had a fun and relaxing day.

  1. I started the day with a long run to “celebrate” the injury scare. Last Sunday I felt something on my left leg during my long run. Then on Tuesday when I did intervals with Sofia, I felt my left leg acting weird again. I was concerned that I got injured somehow. Fortunately I figured it was my lower body strength training on Saturday the week before that could have caused it. I didn’t feel anything on Wednesday easy run and so on Friday I went longer, 9 miles to see if there’s anything for real. Nothing! yay!!!
  2. I finished Homegoing finally! It’s such a BIG book in term of the stories, what they mean, and how they all tie up together at the end. It’s beautiful.
  3. I went to school to accompany Sofia to do her mandarin homework before swim practice. She asked me why do I need to know how to write them if I can recognize them? I told her I had to memorize 30 new words every single day when I moved to Argentina at her age, while sitting in the classroom during the day without understanding what the teacher was saying. “so, stop complaining, and just do the hard work!!!”

4. Our electric stove is still not fixed. The landlord is refusing to pay the repair which really pissed me off. He’s one of the richest man in the country and refuses to pay 300 USD when it’s his duty!!! oh well…. I’m just grateful that most of people we’ve met in Jakarta are nice.

5. Hubby is very cute in walking around like a Pinguin after his lower body training with the trainer. I’m happy that he’s back to the gym, 3 times a week with the trainer. He’s also asking me for our next annual check up. I’m glad that we are both into prevention.

5 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. I found Homegoing SO confusing to keep track of. It was a good book, but complicated to follow and I didn’t read it quickly enough so think I missed a lot of nuances.


  2. I tried so so so hard to learn Mandarin when I was in college. I speak it (badly) with my parents, but learning the characters just about did me in and I changed to German after two years. I think in a way it was harder that I already knew how to speak Mandarin because I got lazy and would use pin yin instead of memorizing the characters.
    30 characters a day is a lot!
    Anyhow, I’m trying to learn it again this year, and I’ve set myself the very modest goal of being able to write two characters a week.
    I really admire you for prioritizing Mandarin for your kids!


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