Fast and slow

Just like running, somedays I do really easy runs aiming to keep the HR around 135 bpm, other days I go really fast, with 5 sets of 1 min at 6:30min/mile pace. The difference in pace makes me feel like a real runner. Because of those fast runs, I really got to appreciate easy runs, or even tempo runs.

Work wise I am the same, as we are leaving for Bali next Wed-Sun, I am wrapping up at work, racing to the finish line so I can fully disconnect.

I am enjoying these fast and slow as flow of life lately.

Girls too are busy during the day, but we all come together for 30-45 min of reading time at night.

Cookie always following Sofia, being her loyalist friend.

Friday was yearly check up day. It was my first time in Jakarta, excited and nervous. I totally see the point of early detection of anything and prevention when it’s borderline, so despite being a bit anxious to know the result, I go every year. When I got there, I realized mask is still required at hospitals. The guard gave me a mask, and I thought it was a flawed mask. How am I supposed to use it? The lines are in wrong places.

Then I realized that this is a female mask here, as women here cover their head with a scarf, so they can’t put the mask behind their ears, rather on the head. So this mask is not flawed. hahaha… took me a long while to figure it out.

They were many new procedures, including lung capacity testing, body mass index, 360 degree dental panorama, earring test, etc. I was there from 7:50am until 12:30pm. Fortunately I got to eat something to continue the test. They have a small buffet with asian food, fruits, bread, coffee and tea.

We were supposed to host dinner Friday evening to celebrate two colleagues getting into grad school. But one of them woke up sick, and Sofia woke up with swollen eye, so we cancelled it. We went to see the doctor for her eye, eye infection, which means no swimming until it’s gone. She was happy to take an afternoon off from swim practice, and loved the freshly made focaccia.

I got the results of the check up in the evening. Overall, nothing major concern, but was surprised to see very low vitamin D level. I live in a tropical country so I get sun everyday!!! What a surprise. Will discuss the result with the doctor on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Fast and slow

  1. Wow, they do all of that testing as a routine check up!? That definitely is not all part of a standard physical exam here. That’s a lot! How interesting.

    Very interesting about the mask, too! I never would have figured that out… hahaha. Pretty smart that someone thought of a way to accommodate the needs of those women though!

    I can see how doing speed work definitely would help to mix up just plain, steady state running. When I used to run, I really did enjoy following a training plan that had variety like that on it too. Now that I mostly just lift weights, I still enjoy the variety that comes from doing different body parts each day, and then rotating my program each month.

    Too bad about Sofia’s eye! She seems pretty busy, so I am sure she welcomed a relaxed day to just take a little break, though. 😉


  2. Wow, that physical exam goes over a lot! We have one wellness exam, which really is just a blood test to find out if you have high cholesterol etc. and they take your blood pressure, pulse, height and weight. And that is it! I don’t think I have ever had my vitamin D tested! I did go to the doctor about an issue I was having breathing once, so I did a lot of lung related tests for that, but that is definitely not part of the routine exam.


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