Recovering weekend

It was a very slow weekend here. Sofia had eye infection and Lizzy got high fever Saturday night. I spent the entire weekend at home, only went out for my Sunday run and groceries runs, which was super nice.

Saturday: Lizzy was doing well, no more fever and dizziness after Friday morning. I thought she avoided getting sick this time. Sofia didn’t go to swim practice due to eye infection. While Lizzy was at golf practice, Sofia and I stayed home, reading, doing extra homework, making cookies and lemonade. Just enjoy home. When daddy came back, I told him that I love so much staying at home on weekends instead of going to “adventures”. He laughed at me and said: usually when people age, they like to stay at home. hahahaha…. I don’t care if it’s sign of aging or not, I just love being at home doing things I enjoy, including cooking two meals for my family. I also had a 90 min massage at home with 30 min facial massage, super super relaxing.

I went to sleep thinking that I’ll be recharged for my 11 miles run on Sunday. But Lizzy came to our room midnight crying. She was super hot, crying and screaming due to pain (everywhere), and that she feels she needs to vomit. I suspect she was over 40C. I gave her paracetamol and put a cold towel on her forehead. She was still uncomfortable and coughing as to vomit, so I took her to the bathroom and wait for the vomit to come, which came few minutes later. Poor thing… all crying and helpless. As she vomited the medicine, I gave her another dose of paracetamol and settled her in our bed. She tried to sleep but would wake up every 10 min due to stomach pain. An hour later her fever went down a bit but was still waking up due to stomach pain. We continued like that for like 2-3 hours. I finally got to take a cat nap maybe 3:30am, to wake up at 4:30am, my usual wake up time. She also woke up and needed go to bathroom. She had one bowel movement and complained about tummy pain.

I was super tired by then but a bit less worried as her fever came down a bit, to 38.7C. I asked daddy to stay with her after I gave her another dose of paracetamol and went out for my run.

I desperately needed my run despite to be a bit sleep deprived, to clear my mind and get a positive start of the day, ready to tackle what needs to be done. I met with a runner from china who just moved to Jakarta, introduced by a common friend. It was a nice run, first 4 miles alone, then 3 miles with him, and 3 more times with Sofia and him.

I was glad to arrive home knowing that Lizzy was doing fine, with 38C, and few more small bowers movements. She felt down, no energy nor appetite, but less bad compared to when she was having high fever. I wanted to be sure about her condition, so we had a tele consult, nothing actionable other than monitor, but at least I consulted.

The rest of the day was spent resting, for all of us, and a lot of cartoons for the girls. I also watched few episodes of Night Agent, quite good.

I am happy to report that Lizzy didn’t have fever from Sunday afternoon until Monday morning. She slept with daddy as I needed to have a good night of sleep.

Finger cross, sickness averted as we are leaving for Bali this Wednesday.

Every time a kid is sick, it makes me so grateful of non-sick days. Just a normal mundane day with everybody not sick would be a good day, any day. šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Recovering weekend

  1. Poor girls! It has been a rough few months – this seems to be happening for so many people I know around the world. So many different “bugs” circulating. Ugh. I’m so sorry, but glad everyone is feeling better.
    I don’t think I could run on so little sleep but I know what you mean about it setting the stage for the rest of the day!


  2. Eek, stomach flus are always so contagious…. Fingers crossed no one else gets it now!! That happened to Asher right before his big swim competition in February. Well, Ethan got it on Monday, and by Friday morning, Asher was throwing up too and fever. UGH. Hopefully it will just stick to only Lizzy and not run through the whole family! Ivan and I avoided getting it that time- only the boys ended up sick.


  3. Ugh that is tough that both kids have been sick. Stomach bugs are so horrible! I hope you all avoid that one. Pink eye is so contagious, too. Good for you for still getting out for your run!

    I’m the opposite of you in this stage of life – the less I am home with the kids, the better. It’s much better for everyone for us to be out and doing things. But my boys are at a stage where they aren’t great at entertaining themselves and they have a short attention span, too. So it’s ideal to be out of the house for the morning or the afternoon. But I can see that shifting when they get older and can read books/play in their rooms/etc.


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