Second job of the day: EAT

The combo of tempo run (3 miles steady 10km pace) + 45 min gym = ravenous appetite for the whole day.

I don’t like speed or tempo runs but got to do it from time to time or I’d continued to run slower. I felt strong in the morning so I went for it. Then I did 45 min glute and hamstring workout. I must admit, 45 min for just two body parts was boring. I’ll go back to full body this Thursday.

I spent the morning in the office, eating up all my packed breakfast/snack/lunch by 11am. It is that kind of hungry that cannot be ignored, imparting my attention spam. So by 2pm, I decided to go home to refuel and brought work back. I was almost dreaming the avocado toast on my walk back, paired it with some coconut butter cookies. Finally, my hunger subsided until dinner time.

Sofia had her first swim team training session since the pandemic. She came back exhausted but happy as she was in the advanced group. She was also ravenous but had piano lesson followed by kumon back to back. I fed her between breaks.

She took the night off (from homework) and read until it was bed time. I am usually strict with finishing homework for the day, but I could see she was really tired so I told her she’d better just chill out.

I realized that today’s kids are so much busier than when I was kid. When I was her age, I had class probably until 2pm and the rest of the day completely free. Now she has class from 7:30am-2:15pm, swim practice until 3:15pm, 4-5 piano and 5:15-6 kumon. Completely day without much rest. Fortunately not everyday is like that 🙂 At least she’s enjoying them and fully absorbed the idea that she has responsibilities to attend before she can play. Work first and hard, then play later and hard.

2 thoughts on “Second job of the day: EAT

  1. Oh, speaking of gym workouts- I think you asked me a while back about training plans for the gym. I currently use monthly plans that I got a few years ago (on a subscription from an online trainer). I no longer pay for the monthly plan, but I accumulated a couple years worth of them, so I’m just going back through them now. It’s 4-5 strength workouts per week x1 month, then the next month you get a new plan. (northington fitness and nutrition VIP plan)

    However, another GREAT strength training resource, if you want to get more into it, is to check out Sohee Lee!! She’s amazing. She has her PhD in exercise science and is just a wealth of knowledge. She also has a monthly training plan option for I think $23 per month, meant to be done in a gym, on your own. I think hers is 3-4 full body workouts per week, also for 1 month (so you’d do, say, M, W, F, S in the gym, then repeat for 3 more weeks working to increase/improve each time, then you’d get a new plan for the next month). I haven’t tried hers yet bc I don’t really need any new plans at the moment, but I have seen enough on IG to know they look great!


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