Ask the why

I decided to work from home yesterday as I felt a bit tired after my morning run with Sofia. I even took a nap after lunch which definitely shows that my body needed some rest. The girls came home early as it was parent teacher conference day. Sofia is doing great (as expected!). Lizzy is having too much fun playing instead of doing the work (she’d choose the easiest task when she’s capable of doing the most challenging ones). So…. need to work on it or just let her grow.

While girls had playdate, hubby and I watched an episode of a new series with Cookie accompanying us.

I am constantly decluttering my media consumption, inspired by Kae’s march challenge. I’d go through my podcast, instagram, blog following accounts and delete them when I don’t think they bring me much. While I do that, I asked myself why am I following him/her? What do I want to get from her/him/it? Does it add value to my current life? Do I feel good/positive after reading/listening her/him/it?

When systematically doing these steps, unfollowing was not hard. I used to subscribe tons of podcast and would choose which episodes to listen to. It’s a mental declutter and too many choices. Now I’m down to 9.

4 of them is related to health/wellness

1 for my morning meditation

2 happy life including at work place

2 (Tim Ferriss and Freaknomics) are to take me to new places (knowledge wise).

I am happy with this mix for now but I know I’ll change as my mental state and preference evolves. So maybe I’ll do an update of my podcast consumption in 6 months.

How do you decide who to follow? What are your MUST listen podcasts?

2 thoughts on “Ask the why

  1. I have really cut back on podcast consumption. I miss it, but just don’t have a good time to fit this into my schedule. I am currently doing almost all my exercise with other people and that was traditionally when I listened to podcasts. I could listen while I do chores like cooking, but I tend to do this in short bursts of time when it’s not really convenient to start and stop the podcast frequently.

    My favourite podcasts are: No Stupid Questions, Stuff You Should Know, Under the Influence, Happier, Best of Both Worlds, and The Lazy Genius Podcast. I’m so far behind at this point, though…but that’s okay!


  2. I have finished Lifespan, I really enjoyed it! The information, the rapport that the co-hosts had was great too. I also listen to Happier, No Stupid Questions, Best of Both Worlds. The Happiness Lab is also great and I have been listening to a few episodes of Good for You where Whitney Cummings interviews scientists. I gravitate towards fun/funny podcasts because I could definitely laugh more or be more lighthearted.


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