Last thought before falling asleep

I had a so so day both physically and mentally. Physically I still felt a bit tired, not fully myself. No symptoms, just tired it seems. Mentally, I felt directionless, I doubt my self-worth (career wise), I felt tired having to prove myself over and over again. I put down my feelings and thoughts in my journal before bed time, like having a conversation with myself, pet talk and everything. I felt better. Just before falling asleep, I thought: oh this bed is so comfortable, I am so grateful to be sleeping on it with a heavy blanket and AC on. Whatever doubt I had about myself melted away, that was just ego in action, not really matters to the core. I am grateful for everything I have already.

The good thing about me working from home is to prepare a good lunch for the family. When I am not home everyone gets a bowl with a mix of things. When I am at home, I get creative and end up with many dishes. The new dish for the girls were chicken parmesan, they thought what a creative way to have a chicken pizza. πŸ˜†

I also made a batch of orange-cranberries biscottis for the family. Always cookies available in this house πŸ˜€

What I like about baking is the sense of accomplishment. It’s done, it’s good, reward is instant and family gets to have a homemade snack. πŸ™‚

I also review my YouTube follower, now it’s down to 20. Will share my thoughts of why I follow them tomorrow.

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