Clarity finally

We are moving to Jakarta Indonesia over the summer!

I had know that I got my top choice for few weeks but it was yesterday that I finally got the formal news as I didn’t get the promotion job. When I learned about the later news, my first reaction was not disappointment but rather relief and excitement. I’d omit the details but the channel through which I learned about it told me more about how much I am valued by my mentor than I think I value myself. I am in deep gratitude with him. He was expecting to have a pet talk with me. Instead I said I am totally fine with it. It was not meant to be and I am confident that I’ll land the perfect job for me in the future.

Things might still change from now until the summer (as I might apply for a job that just came out) but for the time being, I will start the planning for the move. The main task is to sign up the girls for the international school in Jakarta, which is sister school to Manila school. Then we will plan a pre-move visit to find housing, which I heard is even better than Manila.

Overall the experience of the last 3 months has been instructive. As my mentor said: in time of transition and uncertainty, we build our resilience. I’d add to that, it also forces us to dig deeper what really matters. I am glad that I have a mentor that also values family more than career, yet extremely successful in his career. He has given me the advise to live a good and fulfilling life, not just career. Jakarta might be the best location for our family.

I am at peace. I am grateful. I trust this is the best job for us at this moment. 😀

2 thoughts on “Clarity finally

  1. All the best with next steps. How very exciting; sometimes things that don’t go quite the way we planned end up being some of the richest sources of memories. It sounds like you have a very open mind about what happens next and will get a lot of the experience – wherever on earth your work takes you!


  2. So excited for you!!! Been reading your posts in my email but not much time to comment while on vacation, but I wanted to jump back to say “yay!!!” for having it all figured out finally. I can’t imagine moving to Indonesia- I honestly don’t know the first thing about that country! What an adventure.


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