Weekend in action

We had an activity packed weekend. Welcome post-pandemic life.

Saturday started with 9 holes play with Sofia and hubby. First time since the pandemic. Sofia enjoyed the play and it was a good warm up for me and hubby for the next day. It was a gorgeous morning.

Lizzy had a play date with our friends’ family until we went back 10:30am. She came back to have her kumon lesson. Then Sofia and I had an early lunch before we wen to her soccer game at 12:15pm. It was an advanced group and it was so much more fun, as most of the class was game instead of half drills half game as usual. When playing with more advanced kids, Sofia was motivated to practice more to catch up with them.

Meanwhile Lizzy went to mandarin lesson and then went to a playdate with her soccer team mates. This was the first playdate with someone that she didn’t know at all, who she met in soccer, and insisted I reach out to their mom for a playdate. They had a lot of fun including playground and popsicles.

Motivated by soccer game that day, Sofia asked for practice to Daddy.

Sunday started at 7am when hubby and I departed to a new golf course for a 18 holes play. It was cloudy for few hours, we enjoyed the nice course, the clear breeze of air, and just be there together exploring a new course, doing something we both enjoy. What a nice experience to have a hobby we can do together. At 10:30am the sun came out and suddenly became very humid. At that point, I had a full allergy reaction with watery eyes hyper sensitive to lights, stuffed nose and all. I am not sure why I am so allergic to sun but it was not pleasant. We finished the last 6 holes under an umbrella and finished the game at noon.

Meanwhile, girls had two playdates with first Lizzy’s friends at an indoor playground, and then with Sofia’s friends at a different playground. I was so grateful that our helper was able to come back on time to take them.

I was quite exhausted from golf so I rested in the afternoon while hubby went to do groceries. After Sofia’s piano lesson, we went out to buy her new soccer shoes and a soccer ball. She’s on fire with soccer! 😀

The weekend was so exhausting (in a good way) that I fell asleep at 7:30pm while girls had their 60 min of Netflix.

What I love about this weekend is that we had plenty of play outdoor and with friends. Being in the nature, and being with our favorite people are the best way to spend our free time. 😀

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