Flying week

Friday already? Can’t believe it. went to office everyday except Friday this week. Somehow I manage to do much less household work when I do that. Anybody ready to go back to pre-pandemic life? Not sure I am ready. Let’s see highlight of the week so far:

  • Submitted admission application to the international school in Jakarta for both girls. Still pending reference letter and assessment test for Sofia. Finger crossed they get in.
  • Prepared documents for Lizzy’s passport renewal next week.
  • Freaking out regarding hubby’s visa status. It is expiring next Monday and it is still not renewed. He seems to not stress about it too much and he is handling it well.
  • Managed to organize a spontaneous outing with Lizzy’s friend yesterday as we had to take her passport pics. The girl stayed for dinner too.
  • Shanghai, where my mom lives, is in full covid mode. Shutdown buildings for mass testing. Hopefully it ends soon so she can resume normal life.
  • I am thinking we could go to Buenos Aires during easter break. I know it is quite far but we have to go there to bring my dad (rest of him) back. my BFF is going with her family during that time too. It would be great to coincide with her. If the timing doesn’t work, we might go June/July.
  • I just discovered through a local expat blog that rattan is native, so I just ordered a tailor made bookcase. Let’s see how it turns out.
  • Sofia is joining the tournament soccer team. YAY! She’ll start once a week practice outdoor. It’s very hot and humid now but I’ll have to be the sitting parent to cheer her up.

Excited for the

  • move to Jakarta
  • taking family to Buenos Aires
  • weekend soccer games
  • training for 5k with Sofia
  • a fancy dinner with hubby

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