Solving issues on the run

Our weekend started on Friday, day off for me. Hubby took Cookie for a surgery (so she cannot be pregnant). She presented signs of needing to be in pregnant last week (weird moves), so we schedule the surgery. Poor Cookie had to fast over night, then spent the whole day at vet. Hubby and the girls pick her up and she looked scared, fragile, weak. They bought her a collar so she wouldn’t lick her belly. All of us felt bad for her. The girls didn’t know how to explain their feelings so I told them what you feel is what I feel when any one of you get sick. Fortunately Cookie seems to be doing okay the next day. Still not as active as before but pretty normal.

Saturday started early for us. Hubby announced that he’d have gym session at 6am. So I joined him for 45 min treadmill easy run so I could continue to watch Bad Vegan Netflix series, followed by 45 min strength training. While I was on the treadmill hubby texted me that our helper’s father passed away, thus she wants to go home (another province). First I felt bad for her and understood why she was making so many mistakes lately, which pissed me off at the time. Then, what do we do without her for unknown time. I know we are coming from a privilege place to consider it an issue. The norm in the Philippines is every family (middle class up) has at least one helper if not 3 24/7. So the idea of not having one sounds scary. She arranged a replacement for her who will come on Monday. I trust she’d be a good person but still didn’t feel comfortable to receive a new person. So I reached out to our older helper (live-out) to see if she’s working, and whether she wants to come back to work with us. She said yes almost immediately. YAY! We really liked her, probably our favorite helper we’ve had in Manila (our current one is the 5th). She’ll start on Monday and commute daily to her home as she has 3 kids to take care of.

After a quick shower, we left home 8:10am for soccer practices. Sofia had her first outdoor session while Lizzy went to her usual indoor place. I was tasked to make Sofia’s company and it was not as pleasant under the sun and without a chair. I was no prepared unlike other parents who bought foldable chairs.

2 hours later we went to a clinic for girls yearly check up. I was glad to see they are both in range or close to the median in height and weight.

They got pinched for blood test. Lizzy wasn’t happy about it but quickly calmed down with a packet of cookies.

We rushed home for lunch as Lizzy had mandarin lesson at 1:30pm. After she was back, hubby and I went for a couple massage. We were both a bit tired but thought a massage would be good for us. We walked there under the sun only to discover that the appointment was for Sunday. Oh well…. change of plan. Hubby went home and I tried my luck at nail salon. Fully booked too, so I booked it for next day.

Once we got home girls already started their playdate. Not sure what they were doing but they seemed to be having fun.

6pm both girls went home, I prepared a quick dinner for the girls before they enjoyed their 60 min Netflix while I could finally read quietly.

Sunday plan:

  • easy run with Sofia
  • Sofia-golf lesson 9am
  • Sofia and Lizzy soccer- 10:30-12pm
  • Me- prepare lunch as our helper left yesterday
  • Sofia- piano theory 3pm
  • Me: nail at 2:30pm and massage at 4pm

One thought on “Solving issues on the run

  1. Woohoo soccer mom!!! 🤣🤣 Soon you’ll have the folding chairs, the little tent for the sun, a cooler full of Gatorade, matching team t-shirts, you’ll be screaming at the ref…. Hahaha!! Hold on to your hat, you’re in for a ride! 😂


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