Arrived Bali

Our trip to Bali was smooth and we got to the hotel 4pm. Sofia’s friend family was in transit, so we explored the hotel and had dinner.

Bali is such an easy place to travel to. We are staying in Nusa Dua area this time, with most 5-star hotels and a clean beach. The main objective of this trip is reunion with Sofia’s friend, so we probably won’t do too much outside of the hotel unless her friends’ family wants. Husband will play golf a few times, which leave me just relax and rest.

This hotel is very Balinese, a relaxing vibe. We chose the Indonesia restaurant for our dinner.

Sofia had burger with fries from the kids menu, and we also had a local fried rice with shrimp that came with chicken and egg.

We were all stuffed after this big meal. Sofia and I explored the hotel a bit more to digest dinner.

March favorites:

Funny moment: when we arrived at Singapore airport we had to get our luggage, get out of the airport, take a taxi, go to ferry terminal all in 2 hrs. We arrived at the terminal skytrain station, it said 2 min until the train arrives. I wanted to pee and was calculating when to do it. As I was hesitating and making decision silently, Lizzy saw me and yelled at me: mama dale! signaling me to go to pee. hahaha… I couldn’t stop myself laughing it out when in the bathroom.

Running alone. I know many like to run with others, as a community sport. I see the point of it but I often prefer to run alone, it’s my ME time, my temple. I free zero pressure to go to a certain pace, zero desire to chat, zero expectation when I want to stop. Am I weird?

Running with music. I used to run only with podcast but this month I’ve run more times with music as a way to explore new music, let my mind rest as podcast requires attention and processing.

Slow walk home after the run. I used to run until I reach home but I tried couple times walking for 5-10 min after my run. Without music, without checking my phone, but to fully let my body and mind rest.

Favorite books: I read 3 books. My favorite was definitely outlive by Peter Attia, God in health topics for me. While many of the concepts from the book I already know from his podcasts, one thing that I learned from the book is that the role of exercise to extend HealthSpan is non-controversial, with solid evidence, and plays a bigger role than nutrition. On nutrition, his views have changed over the years, from strict keto to 5 days fasting, to now eating without dietary restrictions as long as they are whole/real food, and within the energy demand of his lifestyle and exercise level. I came to appreciate this attitude toward nutrition too, less dogmatic, evidence based, and much simpler. What I also like about the book is his way of explaining different main cause of death: cardiovascular disease, cancer, cognitive/mental disease, and diabetes. Science has advanced in all areas, but the least in cancer and cognitive decline. Yet, preventing metabolic health seems to help in all 4 of them. I also enjoyed a lot The comfort crisis. The author’s message resonates with me a lot as I find myself in such a comfortable place that risks to be stressed out by insignificant things. Thus, my seek of discomfort in physical/mental activities. The comfort crisis also applies to my girls. I worry that they think this is the life of everyone, unhappy/stressed about minor things, and lack of motivation to progress. I had high hopes for My life in Full, but it was not as I expected it to be.

TV watched: sex life season 2. It’s a bit slower pace than season 1 but just as entertained.

New restaurant: zero. I am preferring simple homemade meals when not traveling, so didn’t feel like trying new things. When I get bored with homemade food, then it’s about time we travel. So it’s okay. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Arrived Bali

  1. I like running alone, too, but also love running with my neighbor as it’s a good way to combine friend time and exercise. We run at a similar pace and neither of us is training for anything so we are just out there to get some exercise and catch up. I really loved running with a running club back when I was training for marathons. They had water stations set up for our really long runs so it was nice to not have to carry enough water for a 20 miler, for example. I got faster by running w/ that group. But in this stage of life, I have no desire to re-join a running club… I can’t imagine how I’d fit those runs in as I prefer to run when I have time, not when the club is meeting.

    Enjoy Bali!!


  2. Enjoy your trip! I am sure Sofia will have great fun being on a getaway with her friend.

    I haven’t read Peter Attia but I remember you mentioning him other times, so I’ll have to make a note to check out his works!


  3. totally want to read Peter Atttia’s book! I really like him from what I’ve heard of him on various podcasts. And HOORAY for his evolving thoughts about nutrition.


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