A divided day

It was a working day for me. I could have file for leave but I felt like I’d be too rushed next week if I don’t finish few things and meetings. So I worked from Bali, which made my coworkers very jealous when I told them in the meeting. (I feel so grateful that I don’t feel guilty for saying it out to my coworkers as they get it!!! 90% of us value leisure time).

the girls spent the whole day with Sofia’s best friend from Manila. They had a blast and Sofia came back to me and kept saying thank you for arranging this trip!!! I’m happy that she feels so connected to this friend, who I think it’s a great kid too. While we are unlikely to live in the same city again, I’m happy to support her to keep this friendship by coordinating trips with her family. One of my best friend i have now I met her when I was 18 months, so I feel it’s so important to make an effort to keep the friendship that we value. Her friend’s mom seems very supportive too. hopefully this is a life long friendship. If not, it’s okay too.

Husband went to play golf in the afternoon. Golf is the only thing that makes him willing to sacrifice food and sleep, hahaha. I’m supportive of him enjoying golf in a new place.

While I was alone, I worked, went to the gym to get my run done as it’s so much more humid and hot in Bali than jakarta. And then I did some hip and core strengthening exercise to prevent a potential IT band syndrome to develop further.

Sofia went to have sleepover with her friend as there are only two nights left for them. I’m sure Sofia will feel very sad by then. Hope she makes the best of it while together.

Lizzy will meet with a friend from Manila tomorrow. We didn’t plan it together but they happened to be here for holidays this week too. So nice to meet old friends!

This is a reunion trip for the girls, and a golf trip for husband. And to me? I’m just happy to see them happy.

One thing that stuck me from Peter Attia’s book is when he realized he worked all his life toward making his resume look good, when we should be working for our eulogy. The former is about doing, the latter is about being. This idea resonates with me a lot now. I used to focus on doing, proving my worth, now I want to just be and invest in relationships.

3 thoughts on “A divided day

  1. Is where you are staying a very popular place with people from Manila?? Or what are the odds to have both girls’ friends there at the same time! Wow! How fun for them. Hope you are having a great time. I think it’s smart to fit in a little work, especially since this trip is more about Sofia seeing her friend, etc and not like your main family vacation or anything.

    Is it very busy, being Easter weekend? I’ve been glad that my boys’ spring breaks often do not fall over Holy Week, because I feel like the whole WORLD has off over that week and I feel like tourist places must be sooooo crowded. I was happy to go to Costa Rica a couple weeks before Easter. But next year they actually do have spring break over Easter week!! Boo!! Already thinking how that might affect our travel plans… I always prefer to travel on the lesser crowded weeks whenever possible, but it’s hard with kids in school and needing to work around their vacation schedules.


  2. What a fun getaway for your family! It is great that Sofia has made a friend that she wants to keep in touch with despite being far apart. That doesn’t always happen when you are young. And how cool that Lizzy has a friend vacationing in that area, too!


  3. Thank you for a beautiful post. It was interesting to read about your focus on relationships, because it is exactly what I want for myself as well. I spent my late 20th doing PhD, and early thirties establishing myself as a scientist and mothering two kids, and at this point in my early 40th i just want to make more time for friendships, book clubs, relationships, bike rides, and making memories with the kids. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the career has gone on autopilot and doesn’t require an active building stage, creating networks, doing projects together to prove myself, etc. while it is still there, it is not as upfront as it used to be. Thanks for bringing it up.


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