Bali day 3-5: my favorite moment of this trip

Day 3 was water sport day. We started with parasailing breakfast. Sofia’s friend was a bit scared so I was ready to do it with Sofia. Then before we left, she decided to try.

They had a lot of fun, the only complain was that it was too short.

Then some pool time before the three girls had surfing lessons at 1pm. It was a bit sunny but the day was sooo beautiful, the beach color was out of this world and just knee high.

It was Lizzy’s first time. She was scared. I am so proud of her for even trying. She didn’t do as well as Sofia’s first time but at least she tried and stood up few times.

The rest of afternoon was chill for the girls. Daddy came back from golf so he took over watching the kids and I went to the gym. Two days in a row I ran on the treadmill in the afternoon, not as bad as I thought as I watched the night agent while running. The weather in Bali is very humid so I wasn’t sure I wanted to run outside.

We went to dinner before 6pm as we skipped lunch and had few snacks instead, by 6pm we were all famished. We had a dinner with Sofia’s friend family. Sofia went to her friend’s room for a sleepover so I had a sleepover with Lizzy 🙂

Day 4 started with a leisure breakfast with my sleepover buddy at a garden restaurant, surrounded by ducks, birds, and fishes.

Sofia friend’s parents went for a day tour so I was the babysitter for the 4 kids. while 3 kids played in the pool, Lizzy and I went to pick her friend from the beach. Her family happened to be in Bali and staying next to our hotel, what a surprise. Lizzy used to play with this girl often while we were living in Manila. We didn’t even coordinate, they just happened to be in Bali. So Lizzy was more than happy to have a playdate with her friend!

I was baby sitting 5 by then. Hahahah.. fortunately they are all easy kids and play very well either together or by himself.

Daddy came back from golf (yes he played three days in a row, trying 3 out of 4 courses in Bali), and gave me a break to go to have a foot massage. When I came back it was so nice to be on the beach. It was low tie, not sunny, breezy. We spent a while on the beach.

I noticed Sofia was alone and not with her friend, for the first time since they got together. I asked her what happened. She said: A is not the same anymore. I asked a bit more why and she was opened to tell me few more things. We had a good chat about friendship, how to approach to changes, how to give another chance, and how to let it go when it’s time. Her mood was lifted after our chat.

I know that kids friendship could be short lived. that’s fine as long as they know what’s happening to others, their own feelings, respect others, and know how to accept changes. At the end, she said: maybe we don’t invite her to Buenos Aires because that will be one month long. 🙂 I smiled, I think she made her mind, for now.

We had our first family dinner since we arrived. Indonesia food is really yummy, we all loved our food during this trip.

Day 5: I decided to give outdoor run a try for my long run of the week. I left 6:10am before sunrise. It was already humid and got worse as time goes by.

I was exhausted by the humidity after 9 miles so called it enough and finished the last 3 miles on the treadmill. I went to the beach as girls had another surfing lesson.

I took off my shoes, shirt, and jumped into the ocean. It was amazing!!! The waves, the cold water, morning sun on my face, the ocean sound, and with my girls on my sight.

It was my favorite moment of my entire trip!!!

Breakfast with Easter guest to bring cookies for the girls.

The run exhausted me, I needed refuel.

I had two plates of veg with tofu and rice, a local delicacy and plenty of fruits.

Lizzy had another few hours of play with her friend before we had to leave for airport.

It was a trip of reunion for the girls. They had a blast seeing their friends. It was a golf marathon for husband, 3 days of 18 holes, having his best golf trip ever. I was the companion, trip planner, organizer and babysitter. 😀

2 thoughts on “Bali day 3-5: my favorite moment of this trip

  1. Haha, kudos to you for babysitting all those kids!! I’m not such a fan of watching large groups of children if they aren’t mine… haha. Interesting that Sofia said that about her friend- maybe after several days together they just got in a little argument/disagreement or were tired of each other and she was just feeling negative in the moment. Hopefully overall she still had a good time and will continue being friends with her.


  2. That was nice of you to watch all the kids for a bit! Although it is easier usually to watch kids when they have some playmates! That run sounded tough. Running in humidity is so hard. Jumping in the refreshing ocean sounds amazing though. I did some hot marathon training runs at my parents lake home back when I ran marathons and I loved jumping into the cold lake after the run!


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