Amazing weekend: aquatlon, Korean facial

we had a fun, “productive”, pampering weekend. What a blast! The weekend started Friday as it was child led conference which finished 11am. Daddy to the girls to the mall for lunch and I went to have a lunch meeting. Once home, we both got a home massage for 90 min to kick off the weekend. Meanwhile, Sofia made cinnamon buns all by herself. I told her, if you can make this, you can cook any meal!!! She’s such a talented cook.

Saturday: first highlight, aquatlon (swim and run) race. Sofia and I did a relay first, she swims for 100 meters and I ran for 800 meters. we didn’t win because the organization was a bit messy and I missed my turn for the final lap.

But she did placed second on her solo race, 75 meter swim and 400 meters run at her age group (10-11) female category. I don’t think she could have won the race because the winner is clearly older than her and very strong. I’m so proud of her for trying new things and push herself.

After some rest at home, I went to have a Korean facial. I asked one of Sofia’s Korean classmate mom where she gets facial, and she recommends this place. It was super expensive, 3-4 times what other facial costs in Jakarta. I wanted to give it a try and see by myself why is it so special. As I enjoyed my 90 min facial, I realized something: it’s good to have a diverse group of friends, I can learn something from each of them. For example, this “friend”, she’s kind and thoughtful, very friendly. I don’t agree with her to have a sleepover for her daughter’s birthday, but I do learn skincare from her. When I was younger, I was quick to judge and exclude people from my social circle because I don’t agree with something they do. Now, I try to see the bright side of the person, as long as they are kind people, I befriend with them. Koreans are the world best in skincare so I trust her recommendation. After the facial, the owner who is over 50s looks like late 30s explained what the facial is about, my skin condition (very dry, acne prone, sun spots), and what she’d recommend for me. I didn’t need much convincing and bought the package (6 facials, once a week for the first 6 sessions) and the homeware system. It’s the most expensive skincare I’ve ever spent, to a brand that I can’t even find in google. Yet, I’m super hopeful that this will work. How crazy!!!

Sunday; 10 miles with surge in last mile was on my book. I did 6.5 miles first before meeting with Sofia. We completed 11 miles in total and had an amazing run. Sofia said it was the best run she had for a long time. I asked her what did she do before the run, maybe it was she had more time to wake up before the run, it could be a good night of sleep.

We bought street food for the family. I had a protein rich breakfast.

then I took Lizzy for 40 min swim. she felt left out from the aquatlon. I told her I’ll start a training plan for her to build endurance, so she can participate next time.

After her swim, I went to see a physiotherapist. My left hip soreness returned more frequently, so I wanted to get it checked. I was glad to meet the therapist who clearly knows about my type of condition. He did deep muscle relaxation, clearly my left quads, hip, glute was super tight. Then he gave me 3 stretches and 3 strength exercise to do at home to strengthen my left hip/glute muscles.

My final pampering session was mani/pedi. I feel so put together once they are done!

Girls watched Mario movie with daddy after dinner. It was funny to hear them laughing together at the same moment. Daddy is just another kid in that moment 🙂

6 thoughts on “Amazing weekend: aquatlon, Korean facial

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! The aquatlon looks like a really fun thing to do, too! I’ve never been into triathlons which a lot of runners around here seem to often transition into after doing just marathons etc for a while. I honestly am kind of scared of biking on regular roads, so I don’t think I’d like doing biking to train. But the running and swimming part I’d be okay with. 🙂 Have you ever done a real triathlon? Do you have any interest in branching into that ever? You seem to be a good swimmer, too, so you’d probably do well.

    Tonight Asher has an event with his swim team where he has to run 1 mile, then do 100 pullups, do 200 squats, 300 pushups… and then at the end they will SWIM 1 mile (around 1,500 meters). I can’t even imagine- I don’t think I could finish. Hahah!! I am pretty sure I’m not in condition to swim an entire mile right now alone, much less all the other stuff first. I am glad they didn’t ask the parents to participate on this one, LOL!


  2. I would totally do a aquathon if someone else did the swimming part! I grew up swimming, recreationally, but don’t enjoy doing swimming for exercise. I did one tri and don’t feel the need to do another – all because of the swimming. I’m terrible at sighting so end up swimming way further that necessary! I did a tri relay when I was pregnant with Paul but got stuck with the swim because the other 2 girls didn’t like swimming, especially open water swimming in a lake. When I trained for the tri, my husband would swim with me one night a week. He loved it so much that he joined the swim club and swims twice a week in the summer. And then every summer when we vacation at my parents lake home, he swims across the lake which is over a mile. I paddle along in a kayak. He records his time on a piece of paper that hangs on my parents friends. No one has joined him in this endeavor though!!


    1. Sounds fun, he swims you paddle! I’m not good swimming open water and get scared by what’s in there so I don’t think I can ever do triatlón.


  3. That sounds like a fun weekend! I have never done a multi sport race, but having one person do part of it and another person do another part sounds like the best way to do it! I would love to try a triathlon, but just never have. I don’t really have a good road bike, so would be disadvantaged there, but I do know how to and don’t mind doing all three sports!


  4. I love your approach to meeting new people: as long as they’re kind, I can be friends with them… it pays off to stay “open “to new people. And that facial sounds amazing… it’s great to get recommendations!


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