5 on Friday

I notice that I am settling in our new home/city. Everytime that my friend in Manila asked me how I was in the past 6 months, I’d respond “missing Manila too much”, mainly people. This week my friend asked me again and I instantly said: getting better. I also notice that I am accepting early morning and evening meetings. My default rule is not to take any meeting in the morning that would disrupt my running plan, nor evening meeting that would disrupt my sleep. But this week, I agreed to two meetings and finished the meeting feeling inspired and glad I talked to them.

Girls tickets to China is booked. They are leaving right after school ends with daddy, which means I might be alone here working for 2-3 weeks! It’s a bittersweet feeling. While I am excited to all the free time I will have, doing whatever pleases me without any background fighting noise, I kind of expect to be sad and lonely, and missing them badly. well… i’ll make the best of it/

Would you recommend a health topic book to a colleagues? I thought I wouldn’t. But this week I recommended Outlive to two colleagues. One was telling me about the fascinating books he is reading, why we get fat, because he’s trying to figure out to be healthy to keep doing things with his kids. So I went ahead and recommend Outlive as the main purpose of Peter writing it and his personal journey is the centenarian decathlon. My colleague ordered it right away. I’m curious to hear his feedback. This encouraged me to recommend it to another colleague friend, who had breast cancer last year, so she’s on a health journey to live longer so she can live longer with her kids.

Child-led conference was fun. It’s funny that both girls would put away materials right after we finish something without anyone tell them. They do not behave like that at home!!! I love seeing how Lizzy solves conflicts using the STEP method, her planning step to write a non-fiction realistic story. I enjoyed playing 24 game with Sofia, seeing her ceramic projects.

Hard run workout. I had fartklet workout this morning. 2 miles warm up, 8 sets of 400 meter at 7:30-7:45min/mile followed by 400 meters jog, and 2 miles cool down. I literally repeat in my mind: pain

5 thoughts on “5 on Friday

  1. It’s amazing that the girls have an opportunity to visit China! How does that factor into their school? Or, is it during their summer vacation?


  2. Those 2-3 weeks will probably feel so weird. Is that the longest you will have been away from them? Things like FaceTime help but it’s not the same. I hadn’t been away from my boys besides work travel up until my Mexico trip in December. We ended up being away from them for 6 nights as we dropped them at my parents a day before our trip and picked them up a day after. It wasn’t as hard as I feared it would be but I was with Phil enjoying a resort. It would be different if I was home! Although having our house to myself for a few days sounds kind of amazing.


  3. That sounds amazing that your kids get to travel and you get three weeks ‘to yourself’… but of course you will miss them.

    Great work on that fartlek run!


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