April favorites

Before I dive into April favorites, I want to show you Lizzy’s poster everywhere at home for 24 hrs while Sofia was on a sleepover. She’s really funny and creative, isn’t she?

I had so many favorite moments this month: Lizzy’s birthday and our Komodo trip are moments that I’ll remember for a long time. Lizzy had fun snorkeling with daddy

and I love so much the sunrise and sunset in Komodo. I am very looking forward to our next boat trip, maybe December.

Favorite podcasts:

  • Tim Ferriss podcast with Kevin Kelly. It took me a while to get into it but man… it’s so out of the box ideas/thoughts with such clarity. I ordered Kevin’s book right away.
  • Tim Ferriss podcast with Derek Sivers. Again, unconventional life path, brilliant ideas communicated with such clarity that I admire and inspired me.
  • We can do hard things ep 200. I think Glennon could be seen as crazy or brilliant. I think she’s latter as she challenges conventional views, has so many insights that I never thought about and then once she said it, with such clarity, I totally agree. I love her idea of what is our body to us, to our life, a brush to create a master piece, not the master piece. If you ever struggle with body image, which I think we all do at certain point in life, listen to this episode. It blowed my mind.

My consumption of podcast has declined as I am deliberately choosing to listen to music in some of my runs, and silence during most of my commute walks. I realize that my mind is very busy all the time. If I don’t leave space to let thoughts out, I feel overwhelmed, unfocused, lost, more often than I want to.

Books read:

Gut feelings: it’s not a brilliant book but my journey to treat my gut issues continues, so it was a useful read at this time.

Calypso. I laughed out so many times and realize the difference between humor and funny. I even read a few passage to the girls and they enjoyed the story too.

City of girls. I had this book for years and finally got to finish it. It was an entertaining book. The passage I like the most is: Once I like someone, I can’t not like them again.

Movie/TV watched:

The night agent: 3/5

Hunger: 3/5

Favorite articles

Make time for quiet

Happiness is fluid, evasive, out of reach.

Feelings after vacation

Settling in new beginning

Littles things that are not so little

What were your favorites in May? read, music, food, moment?

3 thoughts on “April favorites

  1. Aren’t sunrises/sunsets the best? Time stands still. I am glad to hear you had such a lovely trip. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.


  2. That sign is hilarious!!! I love it! Lizzy is funny!

    I haven’t listened to as many podcasts as usual as I haven’t been going for as many walks or runs either due to work being crazy, being sick, or the weather. I travel again this week so will probably catch up a bit. I always forget about Glennon’s podcast since it’s on Spotify. I don’t use that ap so have to remember to go there and see what episodes they’ve released!


  3. I also decided to reduce my consumption of podcasts because, although many provide valuable content, they still serve as auditory stimuli. Like you, I need moments of silence or music.
    My two highlights of April would be our trip to Denmark and gardening in our yard.


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