Chill weekend

This is a long weekend for the girls as they don’t have school on Monday. I do not have holiday on Monday so I decided to stay put and have a relaxing weekend at home.

Saturday: Lizzy has golf lesson 10-11am, then had a friend over for a playdate 1-4pm. Sofia and I went to her swim practice, which was a hard 90 min practice. She was exhausted by the end of it. To refuel (and not to reward), we got cinnamon sticks the moment we got to the mall to buy a present for her friend. Then before we went home, she had Dairy Queen as well. We got home past 4pm. I have booked mini cinema for them, so they took their blanket and homemade popcorn for 90 min Netflix time. Meanwhile, I read and finally got into the book.

Sunday: I had a 10k specific run scheduled as I had my long run on Tuesday. I went out with Sofia but soon realized that it was not car free day and my usual route was packed. Instead of 1.5 miles warm up, I ended with 5k warm up as I jogged her back so I could do my workout without worrying to lose her on the way.

I went to the outdoor pool to cool down before shower and breakfast. My breakfast combo this week has been fruit salad topped with yogurt and cereal. Very satisfying and refreshing. Lizzy was my company as she did kumon.

Lizzy went to golf again (make up class), Sofia had tennis 10-11am. I did a lot of cooking while alone at home, made a ricotta cheese cake, chocolate chips cookies, lemon yogurt cake, and prepared lunch spread (sushi is our new Sunday routine!)

also salad and 2 more cooked vegetables.

Sofia had piano theory zoom class before it was time for her 24 hrs birthday celebration with her friend. 7 girls including the birthday girl will have a sleepover celebration at a 5 star hotel!!! Gosh…. these are spoiled girls. I was semi-shocked about it, it’s too exuberant to my taste, and I know the parents and they are really nice people. Then husband came, wisely as he always is, “asian culture loves to celebrate BIG”. That’s when I realize, I’m not Latin American than Asian… hahaha… I am so cheap and minimalist when it comes to birthdays. I know why asian parents do that, as they are used to celebrate to show to others their social status. Me, on the other hand, prefer to do things as a family, or small group of kids get together for a low key celebration. That kind of exuberant celebration is too wasteful, and not sure what kind of values I want to pass to my kids that way. anyway…. each to its own, I respect it, but wouldn’t do it.

Girls had fun making ice cream from a cookbook for kids. Basically use few ingredients and ice, shake for 10 min, and ice cream would be done. They laughed out the entire 10 min. Sofia came to me and said: well… I don’t think the recipe works but we had fun 10 min. 🙂

After Sofia left, Lizzy and I spent few hours reading before she had her cartoon time. I finished the book and watched few episodes of the diplomat, very entertaining!!!

we ate leftovers/snacks for dinner and Lizzy fell asleep in my bed 8:30m, we were doing a sleepover in my bed. 😀

One thought on “Chill weekend

  1. I love your approach about parenting. In Russian culture there is also a tendency to “show status” but for the past 25 years I’ve been living in the US and tend to lean towards more informal, small celebrations. With very few gifts. Even with this philosophy in place, my kids receive way too many gifts.


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