Strong conviction, loosely held

I love this phrase. It describes my philosophy in most aspects of life. I am passionate about my beliefs and ideas but I am willing to change them whenever new facts and evidence present in front of me. Things that I changed my mind of lately:

  • I thought I was not a kid person. It turned out I love being my girls mom.
  • I thought it is safer to live by our rational than our heart. I got divorced and re-married for love.
  • I thought veganism is The path to health. I gave up vegan after being committed to it for 3 years.
  • I thought I am not a pet person. Because how much Sofia loves animals, I agreed to let Cookie in our house, now I am a cat person 🙂
  • I thought meditation is for old boring folks. Now I meditate 10-15 min most of days.

Not only I live by this phrase, I think I cannot befriend anybody that says they won’t ever change their mind over a subject.

Where does this come from? This podcast on omicron and the host (my idol).

Back to yesterday. After another day in the office studying the countries, I felt much more confident that I would be ready for the interview. Excited actually to share my thoughts.

Also, we are back to semi-lockdown. Kids are back to distance learning for the near future because cases went back to 10k from 100 in a matter of days. Oh well.. I don’t stress about it anymore. Kind of whatever. Fortunately Lizzy is back to the learning pod, with a new teacher and without the trouble kid. Day 1 went very well. She proudly said she sit still throughout the entire class while the other two girls left for a couple times.

I received great support from my dentist too. I was scheduled for a root canal yesterday but it was cancelled because the dentist’s helpers got covid and she needs to stay home to take care of her 3 kids. I was starting to have more frequent pains so was almost giving up on her and look for another doctor. But she actually called me to check my symptoms and told me to text/call her for updates until she can see me in 11 days. I was moved by the personal touch, so I’m sticking with her. Fortunately after 400mg ibuprofen, pain went away.

I treated myself after two days of hard work a massage yesterday. My muscles were sore and I was just tired overall as it was day 1 of my period as well. I felt so good after the massage, especially because the lady has strong hand. Loved it.

Finally, I want to share what Sofia did to crack me up. I was reading and she came in and said, look what an angry cat looks like

So funny!!! Have a lovely Thursday! 😉

One thought on “Strong conviction, loosely held

  1. YES, I love this. I feel like this is a huge problem in today’s world. Everyone seems to think they know everything and I see so many examples of people being SO firmly rooted in their “belief” that they are completely oblivious to the fact that they actually might be wrong! Or have one piece of it wrong, etc. I think I tend to actually kind of assume that there is more to the story of things than I might initially know, so I rarely “assume” I “know everything”. So many people (from what it seems online) will read one headline and think they know everything there is to know about a situation or subject. I always feel the opposite…like, I want and need more information. I tend to question things a lot. I think I’m pretty good at understanding things are not always what they might seem on the surface, and like you, I always feel open to evidence, data, facts and just other view points.. If I was wrong before, then I was! I’m okay with that. We should be always learning and growing, and the worst thing is to put blinders on and refuse to accept that our views on a subject may change with time.


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