• More walks with the girls. We all enjoy it and I love conversations that come out of them. Target: at least 2x/week
  • More patience, even when I am under stress.
  • Listen more and let them talk more. Both girls are very talkative, sometimes I stop them when I am focusing on something. They can spend 1 hr a day talking to grandma over facetime, so much to share.
  • Grounding. As they get older, they understand more. I want them to understand our way of living is not the norm, the world is full of diversity, and we all face challenges. We are also extremely privileged and we need to be grateful. To do that, I will say out loud what I am grateful more often and what worries me more often too, and why.
  • Read one book with Sofia. She loves reading, maybe even more than me. Whenever she has free time, she’ll read, new, old, fiction, nonfiction, whatever she can get a hand of. This year, i want to read a book with her, maybe a YA? any suggestion?
  • Schedule unstructured days to get “bored”.
  • Have more fun moments. We had so much fun recently watching this cat video. We should cultivate more those spontaneous silly and fun moments.


  • Declutter toys and clothes before our move (mid-2022).
  • Shopping ban of non-essentials. Because we are moving soon and because I’d like to minimize our belongings.
  • Try new cuisines: at least once a month. I’d like my girls to be a diverse eater. They are now more open to new options than when they were younger, so it’d be good to try new restaurants with them (subject to COVID restrictions, sigh).


  • Whale Shark watching (tentatively Feb)
  • El nido for the third time? (tentatively April): that’s our absolutely favorite place in the Philippines
  • Short trips near Manila: hiking, obstacle course, trail run?
  • Depending where we move to, we will have a big summer trip, either Europe, Argentina, or New Zealand.
  • Then, start traveling around the new country in the second half of 2022.

2 thoughts on “FAMILY GOALS 2022

  1. What a great idea to have FAMILY goals! I think this is brilliant. It’s easy to focus on personal goals (that sometimes have spillover with the rest of the family).
    I think my kids would love to have a brainstorming session on this; maybe an activity to fill some time next week during online learning.


  2. These are awesome! I like walking with my boys too, but it’s been cold and icy right now so hard to get out. They still like to read with me, too, which I know will be short lived as they are getting older fast. They both read a lot on their own, but something about snuggling up to read out loud to them is special.


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