Gym & cooking session

I woke up rather tired and with some day 1 period pain. I was scheduled for gym session and wasn’t sure I could make it. I put my shoes on and went out for a 20 min walk. I felt fresh and more positive after the walk and went to the gym. I did Caroline’s EPIC III Day 1 workout (legs), 40 min later, I felt SO STRONG!!! That’s what I like about gym sessions. I find it not as hard as getting back to running but it makes me feel STRONG. I quite like the series, so I plan to follow it for the next 49 gym sessions πŸ™‚ Finding the right program for the next 3 months feels exciting and one less thing to decide for the day.

I wanted ginger tea to sooth my tummy pain but we were out of ginger. Hubby volunteer to run to the groceries to get me some. When I went back to our condo, he was already making the team. What a caring husband πŸ˜€

I had another productive day in the office and finished early. When I got home, I reminded the girls to do their kumon and without complained they started.

meanwhile I started a 2 hrs meal prep session. It always soothes me to cook when I have a busy mind. It’s like active meditation. I made their favorite pasta sauce, used up the pumpkin for pumpkin pancakes, made seeds crackers and tofu scrambled (per husband request!). Then I prepared the main dish of girls’ dinner

Hainan chicken, cabbage with tomato, tofu noodles salad, roasted broccoli, stir-fry vegetables, scrambled tofu and a stir fry konjac noodles with veggies with spicy peanut sauce for me.

While I was working from home, we used to have a big lunch and leftover for dinner. Now that I work in the office, girls eat some simple packed meals/leftovers, husband has snacks, and we make a real dinner. I kind of like it to have a slow family dinner where we share our day over a good meal.

Finally, girls enjoy the chocolate that my colleague gave me. What a sweet way to end the day.

I noticed something interesting. Whenever I hug Lizzy in the evening, I feel very sleepy 5 min later. It happens to her as well. It reminds me of oxytocin while I was breastfeeding, the milk comma face of my girls. Now it seems that the effect goes the other direction. πŸ™‚

One thought on “Gym & cooking session

  1. I like cooking in the evenings, too. We have a little TV in the kitchen and I enjoy turning on the local evening news. I don’t always pay super close attention, but I just sort of like the routine of hearing about what’s going on in our city, etc. It’s relaxing. It’s hard for us to always eat big meals at home in the evenings bc the boys have sports practices and things. So it is a challenge… but when there’s a free night, or I don’t have to drive them, I do enjoy that whole process too. I just don’t like the big clean up mess of cooking after!! and dishes. All feels to take too long…


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