Friday 5: recent favorites and Friday highlight

  1. I am loving morning 10-15 min meditation in the darkness with Melissa Wood. She put together a January meditation/workout schedule and I am following the meditation part and absolutely love this way of starting my day. Yesterday I was a bit anxious during the day and I repeated the session in the office. Felt 10 times better.
  2. I loved this episode of 10 things to tell you, the finale episode. And this one from Adam Grant. I want to read Indra Nooyi’s memoire now. She seems such a strong and inspiring leader.
  3. I finished my 7 days low carb vegan challenge and I’m glad it did. coming up with vegan options that is not carb heavy is hard. Overall I felt good and my blood sugar stayed balanced after the first two days. For the next 7 days, I’ll incorporate egg and fish and see how I feel. To start, I love so much more the mug cake with egg. This one hit the spot after a week of chia pudding (it’s great for blood sugar stabilization but didn’t grow on me, will keep trying). For this particular one I used 1TB coconut flour, 1TB almond flour, 1TB protein powder, 1 tsp baking powder, 1TB almond butter, 1 egg, and soy milk to get to the consistent of a pancake. Microwave for 2 minutes and top with more almond butter and PB2. I get the feeling that it will keep me full for at least 3 hours.
  4. I had a great chat with my mentor that finished 6pm. He is still on vacation in his home country and it was 8:30am his time when we started (4:30pm Manila time). I felt so grateful that he offered to this call while he’s on personal leave to prepare me for next week’s interview. 5 min into the call, I started recording our conversation with my iPhone because so many great advises that I wanted to absorb fully which I can’t do while taking notes. I absolutely love this human being.
  5. My body tells me I’m under stress. While I feel okay consciously, my body signals tell me I’m anxious/stressed about the upcoming interviews. I haven’t slept well the whole week and my digestive system is not working properly. I tell myself: let it be and don’t add additional stress because of the manifestation of stress.

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: recent favorites and Friday highlight

  1. I read this Friday but didn’t have time to comment then, but I really wanted to come back to say that I am definitely going to check out those guided meditations!! I just am not good at regular meditation- which I know means that I need to practice it more. But I feel like starting with guided meditations is better than nothing. I used to do some I found on You Tube, but I didn’t have the best luck finding sessions I really liked. Maybe these would do the trick! I love the idea of meditating in the dark. Although maybe I would fall asleep. Hahaha.


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