Do nothing weekend

After a week of intense work and poor sleep, my intention for the weekend was to just relax and do nothing. Because of local covid situation (positive rate of 47% and so many of people I know directly or indirectly positive), all activities were suspended for the kids so perfect plan for everyone. On Saturday I felt especially tired so I booked the kids two playdates, one virtual one in person with my colleague daughter 5 floors below us. The girls were thrilled to have the whole day for play and proactively told me that they will spend Sunday catching up on homework.

Saturday I made a new dish for the family: chinese poached chicken that turn out perfect. Among the three of them they finished the whole chicken. Paired with a lot of vegetables on the side.

I spent the rest of day reading The Moment of Lift. I didn’t expect it to be so close to what I do at work, yet I learned a lot and felt very touched.

That night was the first time I slept well of the week.

Sunday started with 10km run, half with Sofia. I was low on motivation so I was glad that I had her as company. Then I took an hour doing dry brushing, hair mask, bath and meditation. It felt so good. Oh.. I did 20 min stretching too. Every time I do stretching, it not only soothes my body, it’s like an active meditation. Love it.

Then I spent some time planning for the week. This ritual encourages me to slow down, think back, think forward and think what I want for upcoming week, and review my 2022 goals.

I had little company doing her kumon reading by my side. She’s getting better and better at it.

I took a short nap then resume to the reading and finished the book before dinner time. I also got to facetime with my mom, updating her where we are in the move situation. Now that we have 4 potential places, it’s interesting that everyone has a preferred place. Sofia wants to be near Asia so we are close to my mom. Husband top choice would be Africa because it’s so different from the world we know. Lizzy doesn’t have an idea what we are talking about, just that she wants to go to a school exactly like the one she has now. Me? I’m a bit conflicted. I’d like to stay close to mom too as she’s 72 and I feel more comfortable to be able to fly to her quickly. Yet, I’d like to explore Africa as well, especially after reading Melinda’s book. Overall, I think we will be fine either way, just trust the process and the plan. 😀

2 thoughts on “Do nothing weekend

  1. I can’t wait to see where you end up…and all the adventures that are sure to follow.
    Sounds like a great mix of relaxation and fun activities. Hope you continue to have improved sleep.


  2. Sounds very relaxing! I also am excited to see where you end up. I can’t really imagine being in that situation- I’ve lived in the same state my whole life!! hahaha. But I can imagine it is quite exciting. I’m probably too much of a “homebody” to move around a lot. I love to travel, but I’m not sure I would like actually moving often. But what an experience!! I’ll just live it through you. 🙂


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