My mind today @#^%$^&%$&^$

I spent the whole afternoon yesterday to relax to be ready and rested for today’s interview. I finished watching Lost Daughters (didn’t like it much), started a light romance, and planned to go bed early. 8pm got a text from mom of Lizzy’s learning pod classmate, the girl tested positive. WTF!!!! This text came few hours after the mom told me that her daughter said loved Lizzy (first person she ever said outside of her family). i was so proud of Lizzy to building new friendship so quickly, and then this. 😦

Not surprisingly, I woke up 2am and struggled to sleep well and got up 4:30am. I did like 30 min meditation (double than usual) and gentle yoga for 30 min to mentally prepare for what’s coming to me for the day.

I got to the office 6:30am wearing my lucky outfit. I have this shirt since 2011 and wore it for all important meetings. I was bumped up to get it done.

The interview #1 went well. 40 min and I went home. Once home, I meditated again trying to slowdown my HR.

Implication of getting COVID? I don’t know where to start when I first thought about it. When I meditated I kept telling myself that I am grateful for what we have, and that everything will be fine. Focus on facts and not what ifs.

Got some antigen tests, will test Lizzy and myself tomorrow, 2 days after exposure, and observe for symptoms.

I also had to tell myself that don’t pick up minor physical sensations as the start of symptoms. Remember mind induced symptoms? I’ve came a long way to overcome it and determined to not let it to affect me again.

Talking to more colleagues and friends, they are either quarantining because of positive covid or because of direct exposure or waiting for test results. daily positive rate has reached 47% yesterday and a third of our office staff have covid. Sigh… it’s already endemic.

Okay… will try to rest some as my second interview will be at 8pm, my usual bedtime. Wish me luck to be awake by then.

2 thoughts on “My mind today @#^%$^&%$&^$

  1. Try to relax…with cases so high, it’s bound to happen!! Covid is everywhere right now…we know SO SO many people who either have it/ had it etc. and tons of kids in our city have it too. It is what it is. Fortunately, this new variant seems extremely mild for most people we know, anyway. Just cold like symptoms. The kids we know have just had a runny nose, a little cough or a sore throat for a day or so. You might wait just a little to test…our health department has now recommended testing ~5 days after exposure, as many times especially with omicron the very early tests (1-2 days after exposure) are coming back negative, but then the person is actually positive a few days later. At least you already had it very recently!! So odds of you getting it again so soon are very, very slim. A couple friends whose kids have it right now actually said they feel a bit relieved to “get it out of the way”… at least then for the next at least 90 days or so, they wont have to really worry about it their kids getting it since they’ll have plenty of antibodies!! And some have spring break travel, etc. planned, so it will be nice to not have to worry about get a positive test right as they want to board a plane or something.


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