Quick update

I meant to blog yesterday but really couldn’t find time in the morning, and after 8 hrs of deep work at the office, all I wanted when I got home was to eat chips on the couch and do nothing.

Interview on Tuesday 8pm finished exactly at 8:45pm. The panel size was 50% more than usual so it was intimidating. I didn’t feel great when I “walked” out from the meeting. So…. I guess that’s that. The problem didn’t stop there because I spent my spare time (when I’m not thinking about the next interview 72 hrs later) I keep thinking how I could have answered better and doubt myself whether I’m ready for that position. Sigh… not the pep talk I need right now.

Lizzy continued to be symptom free same as her other friend. They’ve been doing distance learning together without the supporting teacher but our helper. It’s going well and we will test them this Friday. If they are negative, we might resume pod next Monday. Finger crossed everybody comes out from this without fuss, even if we are positive.

I am neglecting everything else in life these days and I start to feel a bit guilty. I’ve handled to husband to be in charge of kids needs and meal planning. So far he hasn’t complained, thankfully. Glad that it will be over by Friday evening.


2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. This is all so much to handle at once; that’s one of the wonderful things about being in a relationship. The ebb and flow of responsibility and sometimes having to rely on the other person to pick up slack. It can make us feel guilt, but it’s also a way for your husband to show love and support, so try to lean in to any spare minutes you get for yourself to recuperate.

    All the best with the next interview!


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