No regret

“I’m not sure how I will do this time” I told hubby on the way to the office at 7pm last night for the interview.

“Over estimate your opponents when preparing for the war, underestimate them when going to the war”he responded.

I’m not sure if the analogy is applicable but I got his point.

1.5 hrs later, I texted him “I killed it! :D”

The interview went much better than the one before. The panelists were nice and I didn’t doubt my answers after it was done. I’m not sure if I will get the job because there are many factors to consider for the hiring committee as well as strong competitors for the position. But I know I have done my best.

While I felt I stayed calm the whole 55 min of the interview, my blood sugar shoot up so quickly!

Fortunately it came down quickly as well. Yet, I was super excited and couldn’t sleep for a while and had the weirdest dream when I finally fell asleep.

So glad it’s done and will enjoy the weekend. I have two more semi interviews next week but those won’t be as hard as this weeks’s. And after next week, I’ll just do nothing for the rest of the month. Hahahaha

2 thoughts on “No regret

  1. Yay! It feels SO good to get major stressors behind you and feeling confident leaving a stressful situation is doubly relieving.

    I’m so, so glad for you.

    Also, very interesting (and makes sense) about the spike in blood sugar. Stress does such crazy things to our body.

    Enjoy a well-deserved rest.


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