Yummy Saturday

It was such a relaxing day. I felt so relieved and calm now. I was inspired to make something yummy for the family. I made the dutch baby pancake with 3 types of fruits for topping and syrup. It is so easy to make and everybody was praising it.

Sofia kept saying she didn’t want this breakfast to end :D. Definitely adding it to family favorite meals list. Lizzy also loved it and asked for second

after breakfast I took the girls out for a walk. Then I had my root canal appt that I had to beg the dentist as she was quarantining at home after her helpers tested positive (every body I know is getting COVID, everybody!!!). Fortunately it was shorter than I anticipated. I was done in 45 min and not painful. I love how the medicine has advanced to make even root canal not as dramatic. Once I got home, I made teriyaki chicken for the girls using instant pot. so much easier this way!!! some vegetables and a veggie tofu curry for hubby as well.

I had a salad instead as I wanted to use up a dressing I made two days ago, topping with all the veggies I’ve made and baked tofu. I love the combination of raw and cooked veggies for my salad.

Afternoon was reading, nap, and by 4pm I suggested the girls we watch a documentary. I made popcorn for the event.

I didn’t finish the episode with the family as I talked to my BFF in Germany from Argentina. We haven’t talked for a while and it was overdue for a catch up. That’s part of my relationship resolution for 2022. 😀

For dinner I made egg salad sandwich for the family and again, they absolutely loved it. I felt super chef for the day. We finished our lovely day with a walk after dinner, enjoying the cool weather that we rarely get in Manila.

I was in bed by 8pm and was so sleepy that couldn’t even finish the last 2 pages of the book. Wonderful relaxing day, more to come.

One thought on “Yummy Saturday

  1. Same here, so many of my friends and family are getting Covid in the Phils! I was talking to my cleaning lady who is also a Filipina and she said it’s the same. But of course very few of them get tested, so the official numbers are so incorrect. Glad you had a nice relaxing day! I love my Instant Pot as well.


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