2022 GOALS: Relationships

Our Sunday was getting back to our routine. I run for 6 miles and then run some more while Sofia biked. It has been a while since she biked and she really enjoyed it.

I spent the morning planning for the week, reflecting goals for 2022, and chose new recipes to make this week. For lunch we had leftovers and then reading in the afternoon while Sofia did homework and Lizzy napped. I know, she’s almost 6 and still naps. 🙂 when she got up, we went out for some scootering around the neighborhood.

there isn’t a day when I’m relaxed that I don’t make something yummy for the family. Yesterday I made aduki bean popsicle for the girls. Absolutely divine.

Relationships goals 2022

  • See the lights. I want to focus on the positive side of people. It helps with my mental state and our relationship.
  • Listen more. I want to listen more to what interests my husband, my best friends, my girls. Really listen. For instance, if they talk to me when I’m in the middle of something (not urgent), I’d stop what I do and listen. Nothing is more important than my people.
  • Do more together. This is mainly with husband. To find more opportunities to do things together like golfing, cooking, movies.
  • Be kind to strangers. Say hi to people I walk by, give compliments when I think about it, check on people when I know something is going on in their lives, give gifts even just because.
  • Connect more regularly. With my mom (call her every week!), with my BFFs (regular check-ups), with my teams (check on them more often).

2 thoughts on “2022 GOALS: Relationships

  1. I do miss the days when my kids napped. Napping was a hassle when they were little, but I have to admit I really miss that mid-day rest for all of us!

    Your food always looks so delicious and kudos to you for fitting in all that weekend exercising.


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