First day back to office

I worked 8 hrs almost nonstop at the office on my first day back after 3 weeks of break. Wooo! I was anxious on whether I can focus and accomplish what I need to finish before Friday… mock interview scheduled with my mentor. When I started, I was a bit stressed as there’s more materials than I anticipated. Fortunately, I was able to focus and finish reading them all before 5pm. It left me a bit confused about the 5 countries I studied about… but well… at least I got a sense of their issues while I still can’t pronounce them. Grrrr…..

Two surprises: a colleague left me chocolates as my birthday gift! YAY! That’s always welcomed. And then I got another interview request for someone in Africa. That’d be the 4th interview…. adding more stress/excitement. I’ve only been in Africa once (Tanzania) for tourism, so it would be good to explore that part of the world for few years.

The food I ate kept my energy level stable… I felt encouraged that I’m “cracking” the blood sugar code. hahaha… see my daily recount in instagram.

Once I got home, I had to ask my husband to leave me alone for few minutes as I collect my brain cells…. he wasn’t too happy about it but he let me. The girls were still on a playdate, last one before class starts.

As I rubbed moisturizer to Lizzy’s eczema spots, I asked her who takes care of you the most? She said: mama, but also papa. mmm…. basically mama. πŸ˜€ I took a bread from my reading and just hugged her for a while… we both almost fell asleep…. best relaxant ever! πŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “First day back to office

  1. I often feel like my first day back is so focused and productive- it’s like your mind is fresh and ready to go. I had a really productive day back to work on Monday (only had the weekend off, but still, the new year energy, holidays over, etc. had me feeling motivated). I wish I could hang on to that feeling all the time! Glad you had a good first day back. In a way I do sometimes miss working in an office, from the standpoint of just being able to go, give 100% focus to work, and then go home and be done. I love working from home, but it definitely can be harder to define working time vs nonworking time and I think can cause a bit of mental strain sometimes.


  2. It does sound lovely to have concentrated time at work and to be so productive! The kids are still home from school and I’m not finding it easy to concentrate this week, but I’ve been able to ease back in to the work responsibilities.

    An interview for Africa – wow! That would be a big experience.


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