Planning day & MIND GOALS

I spent most of the day planning and preparing to start the work week/year. After 3 weeks off, I feel a bit anxious getting back to working mode, especially because this week’s focus is on the two interviews next week (which will determine our life in the next 3-4 years! no pressure). Husband took the girls to golf lesson so I had the 2 hrs at home alone to plan my journal for 2022. I really enjoyed the experience, slowing down, tracing lines, and thinking about how I want 2022 to be. I also started the day with an hour yoga/pilates followed by green juice. Love the shadow.

While I was exercising, I asked Lizzy to help me to move 2021 books to the bookshelf. There are over 60 books so she decided to use a “cart” to transport them. I told her not to put too many in the cart as it could get too heavy for her to lift. She said smiling: I will put a lot of books so I can get muscles. OMG, where she got the concept of more muscle the better! πŸ˜€

Then husband took to me run errands. I enjoyed running errands with him more than I expected, it’s like spontaneous mini dates with him. The street of Manila was rather empty for a working Monday so it felt like weekend. Is it OMICRON? I’m so tired of it.

For lunch I made sushi and the girls had soooo much fun eating it as they got to wrap it themselves. They probably ate double the amount of food than usual and kept asking for more rice. They had so much fun that we invited her friend over for lunch on Tuesday (last day before school starts) to share the joy.

I finished journal prep after lunch and baked some cookies for the family and a new recipe for vegan keto bread as meal prep. Sofia helped to shape the cookies (part that I hate doing and she loves doing, so perfect!). Although I shouldn’t have sugar as part of my January challenge, given that it looked so crispy and the ingredients are good (almond flour, oatmeal flour, maple syrup, and tahini), I had few as dinner as I was still too full from lunch.

I took the girls for an evening walk, mentally getting ready to start the working mode. Hopefully I dive into it right away to calm down my anxiety.



  • No phone after 6pm. I want to dedicate 6-8/9ish to reading, spending time with the girls undistracted. The plan: put the phone to charge in the bathroom instead of our bedroom.
  • Social media. I don’t spend too much time in social media (instagram/fb) but I think I could do better. The plan: unfollow those non-essentials. I spent few minutes the last couple of days unfollowing and now I am down to 25. I plan to revisit this list every quarter. I also removed FB from my phone. I notice that if it’s not on my phone, I don’t remember checking it on my computer often. What I do want to do more of is blogging. I love the process of writing down my thoughts and counting our days. Even if it’s a short post, I am sure I always have something to reflect on. The process gives me the opportunity to find joy on daily musing.

Meditation: daily 5-10 min.

Reading: I don’t have a number as goal but to read daily and read both what I know I like (non-fiction) as those that might seem to be out of my comfort zone.

Overall, the years of pandemic taught me mindfulness and slowing down to appreciate daily life. To make it possible, I know I need these daily practices. If I stop, I’d be taken over by nonessential things in life. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Planning day & MIND GOALS

  1. Homemade sushi is one of my favourite at-home date-night meals. We haven’t done this is a while (opting to “cheat” and get take-out sushi), but it is very fun and absolutely delicious!

    Good luck on the interviews and that green smoothie looks so healthy and refreshing.


  2. I like how you divide your goals up. I still haven’t had time to finalize my goals for 2022- I started a list the other day but then had to go back to work and there it sits. Oh well. I’ll try to find some time before the weekend. I’ve been kind of mulling things over this first week of the year, anyway. I also like your idea of no phone after 6 pm. I know I want to incorporate some kind of goal related to my phone, but I just can’t decide what exactly.


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