A day in life and what I ate

I woke up 4:30am, got up 4:40am when the morning pray started. I had my mate while browsing blogs for a while. Then I did 24 min meditation by Tara Brach on the floor. As I finished, sun came out. I love how the sun rises while I meditate, like rising up together for the day.

It was non-running day. so I had few minutes to plan my day before girls get up

6:15am, I went to girls room to wake them up. Sofia was up, Lizzy still sleeping, but quickly got up after I called her gently.

I prepared their breakfast, scallion pancake with egg. Lizzy brings unicorn and bunny to the table, with their breakfast too (beats).

as they ate, I packed their lunch (pasta with cherry tomatoes), and meal prep for my breakfasts. I measure all the ingredients for the microwave cake and store them in mason jar, so everyday I just need to add liquid and eggs.

girls left 7am. I did 40 min of this heart opening yoga flow, which felt better than I thought as I usually don’t do well with back bends. I had my breafkast while reading kindle instead of phone/computer. It is a slow transition to eat without anything.

I got to office around 9am.

work work work, then an apple at 11am

lunch by the cantina, not office desk, with kindle. Most of people in the office is fasting so I ate alone. It was a fried rice with tofu, chickpea and veg.

I was starving by 4pm, so first thing I did when I went home was to eat another bowl of fried rice with japanese rice seasoning. by the way, due to ramadan, most of people leaves office by 4pm, so I don’t feel bad leaving early these days. although I often do leave before others because once I’m not mentally functional, i don’t see the point of keep working in the office. Better that I go home, even the 15 min walk helps me to take a break, and I continue the work at home.

while our helper Sri prepares dinner, I made girls’ next day packed lunch (more fried rice as it doesn’t get too bad cocld), and a chickpea tuna salad to use the leftover chickpeas. It turned out great and I had some with a chickpea cake. So much chickpea for a day!!!

Lizzy wanted to read me her book, so we did.

Sofia was in piano lesson, followed by Lizzy.

dinner at 6pm: water spinach, parsley with tofu noodles, green beans, purple cabbage with tofu, and egg with shrimp, served with rice.

chocolate for desserts

Lizzy asked for a walk after dinner, so we walk near our building for 20 min. Sofia stayed reading. When we came back she asked for more food as she was still hungry, so I made her a whole wheat toast with cream cheese.

We spent 30 min reading together, then Lizzy tried my face cream. She said to her unicorn: let me show you how this is done! hahahha… so cute.

I tucked Lizzy in with a short made up story about a lazy princess that ended up working at subway somehow. Then Sofia and I chatted for few minutes in my bed before she went to her room. I read a while more, and light out by 8:24pm.

That is a pretty typical day of our routine life. Early rise, work from 9-4/5pm, early dinner, reading with the girls, and 8pm bedtime for the girls, and 8:15-30pm for me.

Hope you enjoy this day in life post. I used to do more often and it’s nice to look back a decade ago what was our days. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A day in life and what I ate

  1. Your dinner looks so good! I love the presentation and everything in its own bowl. It seems like your girls like to do lots of things that I like — taking a walk, reading etc. It is nice that they are asking to do those things rather than you having to force them. It is also interesting that people leave early due to the holiday; I never really thought about that. We get Good Friday off due to the fact that our Jewish coworkers celebrate Passover, but other than that, we don’t have a lot of non-Christian holidays that affect our work schedule.


  2. I also love day in the life posts. I’m struck by how gently your morning starts. I always feel like I’m in such a rush- so there’s obviously a benefit to going to bed at 8:30 and getting up at 4:30 am!
    I also love your meals. Fried rice, chickpeas, tofu- some of my favorite things.


  3. I also love day in the life posts as every person’s day is so different. Your meals look so delicious! Your girls are such great eaters!! But oof, your early wake up times would be a struggle for me!!


  4. Thank you for giving your readers a glimpse into your daily life. Daily life is what we have, so we need to appreciate the little moments, as you already do. I also love how much veggies you eat as a family. I need to do more of that! Looking forward to more of your posts.
    PS: I am also a morning meditator (I use Insight Timer)
    PPS: Also, would love to see pictures of your neighborhood.


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