I see beauty everywhere this AM

A big weight was lifted yesterday.

I have been having GI issues since we moved to Jakarta. Acid reflex happened twice that required medication for 2 weeks each time, and some days I’d feel some mild discomfort related to acid reflex as well but did not take meds. In addition, I’ve been dealing with frequent constipation. I had issues in my 20s and then it got better, with occasional constipation due to travel/stress/bad eating habits, but not as frequent as it has been since last November. After months of trying out different things (cutting out diary, gluten, animal products, processed food) with no real improvement, I’ve decided to go to the professionals. The first doc I saw didn’t give me solution other than keep doing what I’m doing: a lot of vegetables and fruits, exercise, water, good sleep. After asking around, I saw another doctor last week who suggested that I do either a colonoscopy of CT scan with contrast to see if there’s anything physiological. I chose CT first as it’s less invasive, if anything shows up, then I’d do colonoscopy.

I had the CT scan this Monday, the longest 30 min with two pocking to my veins to get the contrast liquid in. Then the waiting.

Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with worries. I felt tired, down, anxious. At the end, I was almost convinced they’d find something.

The appt was yesterday, husband went with me. The doctor who looks like Santa Clauss saw me and said, everything looks good, no tumor nor polyps. So just keep doing what you are doing, take coconut/olive oil few tsp a day, it could help.

WOHHHHH what a relief!

This morning I woke up, feeling rested and energetic, like reborn. This is the view when I came out from my morning meditation…. I love how the sunrise lighted up the room, full of hope and possibilities for the day.

and the view from the balcony.

I went out for my 5 miles easy run and I see beauty EVERYWHERE!!! The sky, the cloud, the traffic moving, people walking to the metro station, cleaning people starting their day of work, food street vendors, etc.

It’s amazing how much our mood/mental state changes our view of the world.

I had a great run, listening to music of the 90s and 00s, followed by an hour at the gym lifting weight and mobility for my hips. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Today’s plan:

  • meal prep (bread, banana bread, apple cake, pancakes, split pea soup)
  • groceries
  • be with Sofia at school before her swim practice

4 thoughts on “I see beauty everywhere this AM

  1. I’m so glad your test results came back clear; hope your symptoms go away quickly with all the great natural and lifestyle changes you’re implementing. There is something magical about early morning/early evening sunshine and light…but we have to have our eyes open paying attention to see it!

    Also – what a gorgeous view off your balcony!!


  2. Congratulations!!! I am glad there were no issues, and kudos to you for being proactive about your health! I feel happy vibes from your post 😉 Thanks for sharing it with us!


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