Venturing out of our routine

Last weekend we did something out of our usual routine, we went to the old Chinatown in Jakarta!!! I meant to go there for a while but was lazy and really don’t like sitting into the traffic. But we made it!

Saturday started with another Time trial for Sofia, which she did great! she got 1 sec faster on 50 m butterfly, 3 sec faster on her 50 m backstroke, and did a great job on her first 100 m free. I was very proud of her

Then Daddy picked us up with Lizzy at school and we went to the chinatown. It’s a really old chinatown (aren’t they all old?), it was fun to look around for a while before having a good chinese lunch

they also had chinese ice cream

I am glad we went, a to-do list crossed, but I doubt we’ll ever go back. All chinatowns are dirty, crowded, messy, and it’s 40 min from our place, so even the food is good, I wouldn’t drive up there to just eat. There’s another new chinatown that we might go in few weeks

I did a lot of meal prep as our helper will take two weeks vacation to celebrate the end of ramadan with her family. I made apple cake, banana chocolate muffins, and almond oat pancakes

and Argentinean empanadas

our Friday dinner. Sofia said my empanadas are better than the argentina’s restaurants that we tried. YAY!

Sunday was the usual morning run (solo and with Sofia). Girls had a piano lesson at home, then we had sushi for lunch. We haven’t made it since we arrived Jakarta so the girls were super excited to make their own


they also did manicure in the afternoon before their tennis lessons

Why the younger kid is always cuter? hahahah….. that was our little adventure weekend. It was a good mix of outdoor activities and indoor rest.

Freezer is well stocked as I also made 4 loaves of bread, pasta sauce, and a pea soup. I think we are set for the 8 days without Sri. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Venturing out of our routine

  1. Fun! I’ve been to Chinatowns in San Francisco and New York City. I think they’re interesting! But I can’t say I know that much about the authenticity of the food or what’s best, etc. For us they always feel like a step into another culture, within our own culture, so that’s always cool. Lots and lots of food in this post!! I’ve never made sushi, and I think I’ve only ever eaten it like, once! But I know my husband likes it a lot. I’ll have to make a point to try it again sometime soon.


  2. I have never eaten in Chinatown but, like Kae, I’ve been to the Chinatowns in SF and NYC, as well as Philadelphia. I find them interesting too but I’m always nervous to eat there because of my gluten intolerance.

    The empanadas look so good! Nice to get some compliments from your girls, too!


  3. What did you put in your empanadas? They look so good! We like having empanadas in our freezer too, but I find it takes so much time to make that I only do them once or twice a year. I stretch it out over several days … one day I make the dough, one day I make the filling, one day I put it all together…
    I find the Chinatown here in DC isn’t really a Chinatown at all – a couple restaurants (including one of our favorite noodle places.) and signs in Chinese, but no real distinct feeling – it feel like any other urban section in DC. And really, if I want my favorite dumplings and dim sum and groceries, there are places in Rockville that I will go to. I feel like there are stripmalls in Rockville that have more of a Chinatown feel than the one in DC.


    1. The argentinas version has ground beef, onion, olives, boiled eggs and raisins. Super simple to make the fillings. In the US I could buy the Goya wrappings so it’s easy to make and freeze very well (baked). Here I just use pastry dough and cut hen in circles which is more time consuming but works. Dc Chinatown is for tourists, Rockville has more authentic food.


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