Woo!!! Can I just say it’s the second best trip I’ve had with my family??? El nido was the first place I went that blowed my mind, and went back two more times within the next 18 months. I get a feeling that we HAVE to go back to Komodo because I already miss it, the moment we left.

What made it so special? The whole experience was soooo unique!!!

  • Living in a boat. I’ve never done cruise because I don’t see the point of living in a big mall, yet (maybe I’ll change my mind in few years). Yet this cruise experience was nothing I’ve tried before. It has 8 rooms, hosting 19 guests this trip. A crew of 7 that included the guide, chef, assistant chef, and those who assisted with water activities. Our room misool is absolutely stunning!!! I could live there for a month easily. Our private deck has a jacuzzi, two lounging chairs to enjoy the amazing view. Unlike a cruise, I am guessing, we see nature beauty all the time. We see different islands, mountains, harbors, other similar boats all day long, not just the ocean. 
  • The pink beach is out of this world! The world most beautiful pink color!!! The sand is powdery, the water crystal clear, small fishes on the sight, so gorgeous that I can’t believe it is pure nature 
  • The experience of going to sights and activities on the boat, meaning zero transiting time. I could be laying on my bed, and then few minutes later we are doing snorkeling. No need to take a boat ride to get to places. After we are done with the activity, we get back to our room instantly. 
  • The kids could go around by themselves and I wouldn’t be worried. The crew and other guests are all babysitting them. 
  • The food is amazing. I thought they would replenish supply during the trip but they didn’t and we had fresh fruit, yummiest spread of food 3 times a day.
  • Sharing the experience with other guests. There were one mom with 3 kids (probably 18, 15, 8), 4 couples from Europe probably in their 30s, a Korean couple with their adult daughter, and us. It felt like we were living in the same house, vacationing together. We didn’t chat with all of them but there was strong camaraderie. 
  • Quiet time looking at the nature on our private deck, during sunrise, sunset, and all day long. I didn’t have my phone, my journal, my kindle with me, they can wait as I needed to absorb the nature every minute of it. 
  • Spontaneous chat with the girls during free time. We had between activities time with “nothing” to do other than chat and stair at the nature. Any subject became an interesting subject. 
  • Girls chatted with the crew during free time. Other kids and adults were on devises when not doing activities. 
  • Sharing a meal with a big group. I enjoyed being offered fresh meals without knowing what is on the menu. 
  • Staying in bed with hubby staring out the view. Planning future trips and reflecting life in general.

Now, back to recap our whole journey. We left Jakarta Thursday morning. We landed Komodo airport early afternoon and checked in at our hotel Bintang Flores, a small cozy 4 stars hotel near the harbor. after late lunch, girls played at the pool and we enjoyed this beautiful sunset view from the small beach.

Friday morning I did 5 miles jogging to the harbor, to explore the small town.

then we were picked up by the cruise company car, got to the harbor and took a small boat to our BOAT. Look how beautiful it is!!! It’s one year old, so pretty new compared to other boats that we saw.

the moment we stepped into the boat, we all fell in love with it, AWWWWWWW all the way as we explored it. Front deck

lounging area in second floor, near girls’ room

then our master room, in the upper deck with our own deck to enjoy the view

we even had a desk and a lamp!!!

bathroom with a small bathtub. what a luxury

and jacuzzi on the other side of our deck!!! Can you believe it???

the view from our bed. I’ve spent fair share of my day in that position

the dining area

after exploring a bit, lunch was served

first activity was a mini trekking to the top of a small hill for an amazing view.

Sofia and I got to the top, Lizzy and daddy abandoned 1/3 way up as there was no stairs and it was a bit steep. When we came down, we played at the beach for a while

next we went to Rinca island to see Komodo dragons. Unfortunately it was not as nature as we expected and we only saw 3 sleepy dragons. I guess it’s for safety reasons, which I understand.

Then we enjoyed sunset in the Jacuzzi for a long while. It was such a luxury taking a bath on a boat??? I kept telling husband that I felt it was too luxurious… what if we use all the reserved water for the guests???

this is the view just after the sunset!!! The most beautiful thing right???

7:20pm Lizzy got hungry and was inspecting dinner. hahahah…. so cute and it was sooooo yummy

Day 2 on the cruise (Saturday) started really early. 4:45am alarm went off, I got to wake up the girls. They had some toast and we left 5am to get to Padar island for the sunset.

Just before the sunset we got to the top

it was a breathtaking view!!! It would have been even better if not so many people

we could see pink beach

after some rest at the boat and a big breakfast, we got to Pink beach. Look at the sand!!!

we did paddle boarding, snorkeling, and kayaking there

we got to a sandbar with more pink sands

in the afternoon, guests were invited to jump out of the boat. Sofia went first and other guests followed.

in between activities, I mainly stayed at our deck or bed to enjoy the view. Girls ran around the boat by themselves, talking to crew.

they also did speed boat paddling… so much fun

another beautiful sunset

Day 3 (Sunday): we started the morning with snorkeling which was so beautiful. A lot of corrals, fishes, even squid, shark and turtles. I loved it. It was the first time I snorkel since I got my eye surgery, so I could see so clearly now. Then it was time to pack up and go back. Very very sad moment as we left the boat.

After we left our luggage at the same hotel, we went to explore the harbor. It was so hot that everyone needed some ice cream to cool down.

We also stopped for lunch at Happy Banana, before walking back to the hotel.

then pool time, seafood dinner to end the day.

Monday, our last day, started with 6 miles run for me while the family slept in. We had a big breakfast before leaving the hotel to catch our flight back to Jakarta.

I am still reliving moments of this trip, the view, the pink sand, the experience of rocking to sleep, the smile of the crew, and the other guests, are still vividly in my mind.

I am already planning to go back, either by ourselves or with my mom and my uncles. I really want them to witness this nature beauty and the whole experience of traveling in boat. If you ever come to Asia, add this trip to your must-do list.

6 thoughts on “EPIC TRIP TO KOMODO!!!

  1. Wow – this really does look like the trip of a lifetime. Everything is absolutely stunning, and I love the idea of having such a small, intimate venue for a cruise. I can see why this would be one of your favourite vacations ever!!!


  2. Okay, added to my list! (I literally have written down in my “Future Trip Ideas list”: “El Nido- Coco!” 😂) This looks just BEAUTIFUL!! What a dream. Is this something you planned far in advance? With the smaller boat size, it seems like it might be hard to get a spot if it’s very popular.


    1. Not too far, January I think. There are many boats like this with all price points. I really wanted this boat as it’s the newest and the most fancy kind. It’s possible to book 3 months out for sure.


  3. Breathtaking scenery and lovely family! Always wanted to go to Indonesia but haven’t made it (yet). Looking forward to getting to know your blog for more travel ideas!


    1. Same, I don’t like cruise but this one I loved it!!! Oh yes, we have 26 days or vacation per year and lots of holidays. I am truly grateful.


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