Lizzy turned 7!

We had a low-key celebration before our Komodo trip to celebrate Lizzy’s birthday.

We started the day with McMuffin, first time she had McDonals in Jakarta. Her unicorn was having breakfast by her side, as usual.

We sent dozens of donuts to school so she could celebrate it with her friends. She was proud to share with me that she was called as the birthday day at school.

Then for dinner, we invited a colleague friend of mine who is also Lizzy’s friend for pizza. He brought a cake so we had a very sweet dinner

She will forever be my baby!!! She’s the cutest person in the world for me.

She has grown a lot in the last 12 months. She continues to be silly, funny, creative, chatty, and now the most outgoing person in the family. She would initiate conversation with strangers, and fine if they don’t respond to her. It is really satisfying to witness how her personality is showing up.

She loves all her stuffed toys as if they were her children. She’d take them out for play, cook meals for them, and give them new clothes. Unicorn remains her favorite “child”, which she takes everywhere.

She has a big belly and appetite, ice cream would be her favorite food in the world, strawberries the chosen flavor. She loves fruits, chicken, fish, cookies, cucumber, my corn soup. She has very different/opposite taste than Sofia. When they try new food, if Sofia loves it, Lizzy usually doesn’t, and vice versa.

She is not as athletic as Sofia, yet she takes swimming lessons, golf, tennis, and jog with us from time to time. She knows that exercise is part of our family life, and she wants to be part of it. She genuinely likes indoor climbing, so we try to do that more often.

She used to wonder why Sofia and I read so much, now she is always with a book whenever she has free time.

She doesn’t like to do kumon but she does it anyway.

Lizzy has very good attitude. She always responds ok when I tell her things, even criticizing her sometimes.

She is the most creative person in the family. She always comes us with innovative way to play, to do things, and ask questions that I wouldn’t have thought.

She doesn’t like to sleep alone and always find a way to sneak to Sofia’s room in the middle of the night with the excuse that she’s having a nightmare.

She has an easy going personality. She doesn’t complain much and easy to change her mind on things.

She still fights a lot with Sofia but they play together more and more.

4 thoughts on “Lizzy turned 7!

  1. She looks like such a sweetheart. Love the unicorn. I can notice all those differences you said between her and Sofia just from your posts- I feel like I know her!!! Haha! Happy birthday Lizzy!!


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