Travel: 11 days in DC

Right after our trip to Puerto Princesa, I left for a business trip to DC for 11 nights.


ANA vegan meal was bland but ok. I wonder why airline cannot put more into thought in creating more variety of vegan meals.


United vegan meal was more interesting. Pasta with tomato sauce topped with lentils cooked with chickpea and spinach. Quite tasty for a in-flight meal.


I barely sleep during the flight was went into full jet lag mode since day 1 until almost day 9 😦

But being able to run in DC makes a great trip. The weather is cool and the air is fresh and crisp.


DC is beautiful… I felt so lucky to be able to run and run

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On Sunday I run into creek park trail… sooooo beautiful.

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On weekend I met with friends, I didn’t feel lonely knowing that I can crash any of them’s home

Food highlight: kabocha, sooooo yummy


and some sort of veggie stir fry with Tj’s vegan sausage


I was stuffed every night. 😀

Then it was time to go home. I first got United Economy Plus, which looks semi-business class


looks very comfy. But then I was informed that I got upgraded so I happily moved to business class and enjoyed the flight back home.

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Although I was super busy while in DC, I missed my girls so much, especially the first four days when they were with Tony and the helpers. Grandma arrived on the fifth day, and I knew they were taken care of.

Between jet lag and having time alone made me super productivity sorting out life planning. Now I’m fully into personal financial planning! 🙂 More later.

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