Day 78: minor dramas that turned out fine

“I didn’t realise yesterday’s post was not saves” so here’s what happened:

# drama 1: I cut my hair! couldn’t wait any longer for hair salon to re-open, so scissor and courage here we go. I think I cut a bit too short but it’s fine as long as I don’t have to see “real people” and I feel lighter.


#drama 2. Our helper that just got back last Thursday asked me to go out to help her former boss to pack. She’d leave for 2 day. WTF!!!! The whole point of having her back as STAY IN (aka. not leaving the building to minimise exposure to COVID) is that she DOES NOT GO OUT! Clearly, she didn’t understand it or think I could be flexible.

As much as I want to help her family, I am not in charity business and need to protect my family above all. So I am letting her go and hired another helper (her former boss was my neighbour friend who left manila). That caused me mental stress for few hours, but I’m glad it got resolved quickly.

On the bright side: I had a yummy breakfast combo: quinoa oatmeal cooked with pumpkin, chia, caramel protein powder, topped with frozen strawberries (fresh ones cost US$10 per pack) and almond butter.

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and lunch spread: fish, cucumber salad, mushroom with tomato and tofu, green bean and broccoli with pickles. the family had rice and I had steamed sweet potato. I tried 100 times baked sweet potato, in whole and in fries, I still prefer steamed version.

Fullsizeoutput 12aa1

Lovely sunset captured by Sofia.


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