Day 79: bites of joy

We had a lovely Sunday at home. Capturing joyful moments

  • quiet time reading. Abandoned this book and started this one in the afternoon. Life is too short to read so-so books.

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I ordered vegetarian fried chicken and burgers but the order was cancelled 15 min before the scheduled delivery time. McDonals came to rescue and look the girls’ faces


can you tell how many time they get to have McDonals?


then it was donut’s time


  • I love seeing Sofia’s mandarin homework, in which she needs to write sentences using new words. Her sentences often includes the sister.


I had an amazing meal too

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avocado toast with roasted cherry tomato. YUM!!!

Fullsizeoutput 12ab6

and all bagel seasoning. I savoured each bite!!!

Fullsizeoutput 12ac4

Fullsizeoutput 12abd

Then it was reading time and movie with popcorn, girls’ Sunday tradition. I watched an episode of Madam Secretary.

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