Day 80: Happy Children’s Day

It is Children’s day in China. So it is the start of a new month, so we did our first photo shoot of a new tradition (take a picture of them, individually and together 1st day of each month, and then print them at the end of the year, so I can see their growth). They grow too fast and each day I feel I’m losing babyhood. I told the idea to my husband and he doesn’t see them much different than when we went to Europe last year. So not true! I do see them bigger, more mature. I told him: that’s the difference between dad and mom! 🙂

I finally picked the picture of our epic Europe trip last summer, and I bought a photo album where we can decorate. That will be our summer project and the girls are super excited. Now, my next to do list to do yearly family album! Maybe 1 or 2 months per day?


Lunch spread: korean pancake with cream of corn and carrots, broccoli, sweet potato and white potato fries, bean sprouts, radish salad and greens. The girls love the pancake.


The grandparents gave red envelope (cash!) to the girls as gift for the children day. But the girls know that they shouldn’t be buying toys often (plastic!), so they didn’t ask to go to toy store. Fortunately the books I ordered on amazon for Sofia just arrived so she was super excited and they serve as the gift for the day.  I caught her reading her second book already. She was glued to her books the rest of the afternoon!


meanwhile I got a little company in the kitchen while I prepared dinner. She’s such a sweet girl.

IMG 5240

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