Day 81: the pool is opened!!!

As we are approaching “near end” of lockdown (we are in General Community Quarantine GCQ), we are allowed to do more things outdoors. Even children are allowed to go out to exercise (6am – 8pm). I have been taking the girls out for walk after my morning run but swimming is still their favorite activity. GOOD NEWS: our pool is finally opened yesterday from 5pm onward. The moment I saw the group chat about it, my girls went down to the pool with daddy right away as there is a capacity limit now (20 at the time).

Under GCQ, many industries are allowed to re-open and morning traffic in Manila is getting back to “normal” too, which means even at 6am there is many cars and motorcycle on the street, which is not very pleasant when all I’m seeking is some quiet alone time while I run. But well…. people DO need to get to work. In countries like the Philippines, for many the choice is very simple: go to work and risk getting cover or die out of hunger. It is unfortunate but that is the reality. There is a saying that the choice between saving lives vs saving livelihood depends on the level of income of the country.

I had a great work day, finished my script for my speech next week and was informed that I’ll have a media interview (TV appearance) too. Few years ago that would freak me out, but not anymore. What I realised that public speaking is not that hard as long as one is prepared and knows the subject better than 99% of the audience, which is ALWAYS the case. Another important “trick” with media interview is knowing I know the subject 100 times better than the journalist, and that I control the message. These two realisations are so empowering, I’m forever thankful for our comm person to enlighten me.

Lunch shot: camote leaves (top of the radish I believe), bean sprout, green bean with garlic, sayote with broccoli tofu corn, and leftover corn and carrot pancakes.

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