Day 111: Solve for happy

I am grateful for

  • Holding the girls. I know it won’t last forever so I am taking all I can nowadays. Last night before bed, Sofia and I lied on bed in darkness, I hold her, he hold me and she said: I wish I can take dead people skin to make a big mama doll, so soft and warm, to hold it all the time. 
  • My friends. As I wrote yesterday, I am contemplating a big decision. Chatting with my closest friends always give me perspectives on things. And they are always there no matter which part of the world they live.

The decision about relocation is still not made as it has many implications and we are not sure it’s the best for the family. So… will give it few more days to process the thoughts and emotions. I learned over the years that it’s better to let the emotion to take its course before making a big decision. 

Yesterday I went to a dentist (who is operation in a hotel) and got all equipped before entering the office. Professional PPE look


To keep track of gratitude list, I’ve started to use this journal that I got few weeks ago at the end of the day to reflect.


For reading yesterday, I read over an hour of this book. So intriguing and elevating the concept of Happiness that Mo talks about. 

Few things I learned so far:

  • We all pursue happiness but many think success = happiness, which is not.
  • Happiness is our default state. Everyone is happy when is born. 
  • Happiness is absense of unhappiness.
  • Happiness equation is the diff between expectation and reality (or our perception of the reality)
  • Joy is the higher level of happiness, it is being happy knowing life is hard.
  • Our thoughts (the inter voice) is not us, it’s our brain activity to protect us from danger.
  • We CAN control our thoughts when we realise thoughts are not us. 


  • Write a list of things that makes me happy and prioritise. It is evident that these are daily things that are easy to achieve if we consciously decide to bring them into life. 
  • Observe our thoughts as a third person and let it go.

What is happiness for you?

As I write this, I wonder why am I interested/attracted to this topic? is it because I’m not happy? I don’t know. I think overall I am, just not 100% of the time. There are still things that happen that brings unhappiness, so it would be great if I can learn to process them so they don’t unbalance my happy state.

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