Day 112: slowdown and pantry challenge

Gratitude list:

  • Our pool. You might laugh that am I running out of things to be grateful? But seriously, our pool is probably the best feature of our building. It is a resort like pool with 50 meters length. Girls LOVE to be in the water. During this quarantine time, pool is their happy place. It could also be my happy place if indeed I go there more often.
  • My body. I am grateful that I am strong enough to run for hours, which my preferred method of meditation.

I was in an emotional rollercoaster the last couple of days but yesterday I slowed down as I allowed myself to not think about it, not rushing to find a solution, a plan, just let it go. It was liberating. I enjoyed every minute of my 12.34 miles run, letting my mind wander, feel the breeze, and feel that every stride calmed me down a bit more. At the end of my run, I felt calm and centered. I still came up with a plan, what to do next with my dilemma, but in a flexible way. It is funny that most of my major break through in life, either on job, relationship, intellectual puzzles, all somehow got resolved during my runs. I wonder if it’s because i’m in my calmest, zen mode, when i run. Whatever it is, I am grateful that I could have this zen moment whenever I need.

I took the girls to the pool in the morning. They just enjoyed splashing water at each other while I chatted with my friends.

Then we went for some shopping.


got to buy lunch at Shake Shack. Dine in is back but most people still do take out. Honestly I don’t feel safe to dine in yet. Even Sofia said: you need to take out mask to eat.


Loving no cooking Sunday. It gives me a break and let the girls have some variety, although they always ask for similar things.


My first decent meal this week. Sooo good.

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One of the things I bought was a grid type of notebook where I can track my july habits.


I want to do a use-what-we-have challenge for our meals this week. I feel that we have so many things in the freezer and pantry that I don’t get to use because I’m always buying new vegetables/fruits. This week, I want to make food that mainly use what we have. Pantry clutter is still clutter. I want to use up

  • beans (chickpea, red lentils, black bean)
  • seaweed
  • noodles
  • pasta
  • frozen vegetables

I might still buy fresh fruits (a must for the girls and the husband) and other MUST vegetables to make some recipes. Let’s see how long can i endure without buying πŸ™‚

Have you done a pantry challenge?

3 thoughts on “Day 112: slowdown and pantry challenge

  1. Good Luck with your pantry challenge. I am going to be closing on my first house in a little over a month so I too am on a pantry clear out challenge (I don’t want to move any of the food from my apartment to my house – especially the freezer stuff). Do you like to make roasted veggies at all because there are ways to roast frozen veggies. I’d be happy to share a recipe if you do. πŸ™‚


  2. So glad you are trying the habit tracking! Looks great! Nice and simple. I’ll be excited to see how it goes. I never really do pantry challenges but definitely SHOULD. I have so much stuff we never use up and I have the worst habit of buying more. Maybe I’ll give that a go one of these weeks very soon!


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