Day 113: small nudges

Gratitude list:

  • New helper arrived yesterday! YAY. She might not be the most efficient helper we’ve had but she seems nice and has a kind smile, so I’m hopefully it works out this way. Meanwhile… I have a tidy house 🙂
  • Playdates. Both of my girls are outgoing and love being with other kids. We recently found another chinese family in the building and Sofia has been playing a lot with her. It’s nice to have a couple of play friends in the same building so they get some social time most of the days.

Mondays have been overwhelming lately.  Yesterday I had my day packed with meetings from 10 to 5pm. When I finished my last meeting I looked around and nobody was at home except Sarah (our new helper). This happens a lot lately, I am so focused with work that I somehow shut my mind off from everything around me.

My July habit list is the small nudge that really works. Nudge is an economic term I think, which means gentle “push” for people to do certain things that are beneficial for them but for some reason they are reluctant to do so.  I didn’t run yesterday and by 6pm I noticed that I’ve only got 13k steps so far (I did one hour walk in the morning), so I went out for a walk after dinner and made up 16k. It was very nice to unwind after a busy day with a walk. After dinner, i remember that I haven’t checked on face mask, so I did it with the girls. The funny part was  that 1 minute after we put it on, Lizzy said she doesn’t want to do it again because she can’t eat this way. This girl… always thinking about snacking!!! 😀

Pantry challenge. Things used up yesterday:

  • Dry noodles
  • Mung bean
  • Frozen green pea and some sprouts
  • Frozen dumplings
  • Canned corn

For lunch the family had scallion sauce noodles with green beans and canned corn. They all enjoyed it and it was overall well balanced meal.

Fullsizeoutput 12d69

I’m in avocado kick this week, so I made again the avocado toast with avocado, green pea and nutritional yeast, topped with sauerkraut, paired with roasted frozen brussel sprouts with ketchup.

Fullsizeoutput 12d61

Dinner was frozen dumplings with mung bean soup.

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