Day 114: being creative

Grateful list:

  • My job: how lucky am I to have a job that I feel passionate about, believe in what I do, have fun while doing it, being inspired by some of my colleagues, and that it can provide our family an exciting life adventure.
  • Accesible to amazon books: while it is possible to buy books in Manila it’s 30-40% more expensive than buying from US amazon. Luckily my organisation can ship them free to Manila, which we can get in 2-3 weeks.

Pantry challenge is going well and it forced me to be creative in the kitchen to prepare with what we have while making something that tastes good and nutritionally balanced.

breakfast was the usual oatmeal with added zucchini

Kids plate: pasta with veggies and cheese

Fullsizeoutput 12d82

Husband’s plate: spaghetti with marinara sauce with added red beans for protein, and topped with roasted chickpea

Fullsizeoutput 12d86

paired with some veggies

Fullsizeoutput 12d88

I’m still loving avocado toasts with roasted sprouts and red radishes (first time and really like it!)


My dinner was another yummy bowl, a savoury oatmeal (oatmeal, cabbage, mushrooms, vegan sausage, and tofu). Very satisfying!!!


i’m already running late so will keep this post short.

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