Day 117: summer plan?

Grateful list:

  • New podcast on being grateful: Per Kae’s recommendation. I listened all available episodes during my morning walk and I love it. It has actionable steps that doesn’t involve journaling. 
  • Old friends: i love when my friends who I haven’t been in touch to drop me a note  “how are you?” which ended up with exchange of our kids pictures. It takes nothing of our time but it connects us with our friends in a very meaningful manner. It happens more with the guys that we don’t need to be checking each other all the time, once every few months is enough to catch up and go right to the point: kids, work, family.

So summer plan? Yesterday when I was checking my calendar to see meetings I had, I suddenly realised that we are in July already! which for the last three years mean big travel time and disconnect from work completely. Last year we went to Europe for 4 weeks, epic to say the least. This year? we have no travel plans, no plans at all! this makes me quite sad and lost. I know this is unusual time and our priority should be to “survive this pandemic” and not asking for non-essential leisure like travel. I know that. But travel has been part of our identify as family in the last three years, so it’s hard. Well…. we will just make more future plans, whenever that future comes. 

At least we have a resort type pool at our doorstep which the girls can enjoy every day.

As long as we can find daily joy, we should be fine. Lizzy did a good characterisation of our family during lunch. What does each of us do everyday?

Mom: work

Sofia: read

Lizzy: play

Daddy: eat

I would say pretty good summary.


Yesterday i went to do groceries and bought 90% fresh produce and vegetables as I want to continue to clean out our pantry. So the plan for the next 7 to 10 days is use at least 1 item from the pantry paired with fresh vegetables. 

Lunch for me was a vegan tuna salad made with mashed avocado, chickpea, nutritional yeast, salt, and sauerkraut, very good pairing with crusty sourdough bread. 


Q: What’s your summer plan this year?

One thought on “Day 117: summer plan?

  1. Yay! I’m glad you liked the podcast!!! I got caught up to date on them all now too and I find them just right…nice and short but like you said, great actionable steps!


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