Day 120: busiest day of the week

Gratitude list:

  • Morning walk: although I’d prefer to run everyday, I am conscious that I need to give my body a rest. Walk allows me to still go out, listen to a podcast, mentally prepare for the day/week and have the alone time.

For the last couple of weeks I find Monday is probably my busiest day of the week. Not necessarily for real in term of tasks but it feels this way, probably because Sunday is really relaxing and my mind is very present. On Mondays, my day fills up quickly and so many tasks to do/delegate/follow up to make sure my goals for the week can be accomplished. So by 5:45pm when I got off the last call yesterday, I had again the feeling of what happened? how come that it was end of the day already, and where’s the family. They turned out to be fine, Sofia in a play date, Lizzy playing with her friend in our place, husband anxiously waiting for a call that never came.

After dinner, i tried to calm down by reading, but my mind resisted to wind down and I couldn’t focus. It bothered me that I couldn’t be present so I chose to go to bed early (8:30pm) for a real rest.

Lunch was good: salmon, cucumber, broccoli with summer corn, greens, miso soup, served with brown/red rice.

Pantry item used: seaweed and miso.

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One thought on “Day 120: busiest day of the week

  1. I hear you! Mondays tend to feel crazy to me too. I know I don’t do the best job of prepping my week in advance…on Sundays I am often busy with the family or just want to relax. I know I should take some time to get more organized so the week starts more smoothly, but I don’t always do this. I’m glad you got to bed early. I’ve been up too late too many nights lately and it takes a toll.


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