Day 119: Sunday is for connecting

Gratitude list:

  • Mom: she’s the kindest wisest woman I know. 
  • Hugs: Both my girls love to give mama hugs just because.
  • Naps: Few seconds before falling asleep and few secs before waking up (and feeling lost in space) are best part of the naps.

It was a perfect Sunday. NO WORK, plenty of crafting time with Sofia, tons of reading, a nap, and best of all, I started my day calling my mom when taking a bath after 10 miles run. I haven’t called her for a while and the more I delay it, the less likely I do so. So since Friday I decided that I should will call my mom more often, either after my run or when I go out for a walk after work. She’s alone in Shanghai, has plenty of relatives and friends to hang out with, but I know she would enjoy talking to me the most. 

Connecting with my loved ones:

  • With mom: talking over the phone and when we share memories of the girls. They grow so fast and grandma took care of them both when they were babies, so the bound is so strong. 
  • With Sofia: doing exercise, crafting, reading, cooking. She is already ready to connect with me, simply doing whatever I am doing. 
  • With Lizzy: she’s a bit young to do many things together, but she loves hugging me and kissing me on the lips. 
  • With husband: watch a good movie, chatting in bed in the middle of the night when we both wakes up, over a good meal, looking at old pictures of the girls. 
  • With myself: when I’m running and listen to a good podcast, when I read, when i reflect I feel connected to myself.

I made two new recipes yesterday: sweet potato black bean burgers (using up black beans), and scallion pancakes. For lunch, I had the last avocado/chickpea toast with some roasted pumpkin. Just realised I had this combo for the ENTIRE week. I don’t need too much varieties in my food, as long as they are satisfying. 

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Sunday is takeout day for the girls. Lizzy had dumplings and Sofia had sushi. 


I finished Solve for Happy and started another great book Essentialism. This was my position few hours of the day


Sofia and I did crafting for a couple hours too and it’s very soothing. It was also a good opportunity for her to ask random questions, some profound ones like (why did you divorce?). We also felt quite accomplished that we are one step closer to finish the tower.

Lizzy just played by herself 


It was really the type of Sunday that I enjoy the most, full relax, connecting with the family, with myself, cooking new food and plenty of time to read. 

What’s your favorite Sunday activity? 

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