Day 122: setting high bars

Gratitude list:

  • Deep work on the couch: I am totally embracing the essentialism advise on focus on what matters. I could be doing millions things at work now, but this week and probably the next, I have one big task that only I could figure out the way. Usually brilliant ideas don’t come out when I force myself to come out, but rather spontaneously when my mind is focusing on something else. So yesterday while I was trying to preview some books in kindle before I make the purchase, I got a new idea! šŸ™‚
  • Spontaneous walk with colleague/friend: the advantage of living in the same building with some colleague friends is that I could text her when I feel I’m done and need to vent with someone that knows our work environment, and we just went out for a walk on the spot.

One comment that I often get from my colleagues is that I set high bars for my team and myself. I take it as half compliment half complaint. Yes, I know that I am always seeking for the best possible outcome/deliverable, especially for myself, and most of the time demand the same to the team. But at the same time, I am mindful that what’s important to me does not necessarily mean it’s important to them, particularly knowing that we are all stressed out lately (partly due to work load partly due to cabin fever). So it was a reminder to me to be mindful of others situations when asking for things and be flexible and ready to work on it until I am satisfied.

The same applies to my family I guess, which is still work in progress for me. Husband is very relax in life and work, unless it’s super important or urgent, he’s not in a rush. Sometimes it irritates me but for family harmony purpose, I often talk myself out to get mad at him. Our girls are so far very compliant with what I ask them, but I know days of my influence on them is limited. I just hope that until that day comes, I’ve taught them some values that I think it’s important: work hard, be persistent, do your best and a little more. And when they are a bit older, I want them to learn to look at the incentives system, which is core principle for an economist that served me so well to understand people around me.

Lunch: tomato with scrambled eggs, sayote with carrot and vegan sausage, bell pepper with smoked tofu, greens, and leftover lentil curry.

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Feature photo of Lizzy: i think her only job in this world is to be cute! Love her belly! šŸ˜€

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