Day 140: Sunday usuals + new fav podcast

We had a relaxing Sunday. It didn’t feel particularly great because since I started to practice mindfulness, I’ve been having good days everyday. 🙂

I found a FANTASTIC new podcast SIMPLE FAMILIES through Sarah’s post, and I think I listened to 10 podcast in one day!!! It’s about simple, mindful and minimalist parenting, delivered by an expert of child development and mom of 3. Highly recommended.

Our day started with solo 7 miles run + 2 miles with Sofia cycling (had to cut it short because it was about to rain)


followed by my usual bowl of nourishment. AFTER I finished eating, I found a banana bread recipe. Oh yes, I’m still eating without distractions and I enjoy my food even more this way.

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Sofia was doing homework so Lizzy was the helper, who got to  get some chocolates

Fullsizeoutput 12f0e

I craved avocado toast but couldn’t find avocado anywhere, so instead I made 1 with hummus with roasted tomato, and the other one with pea pesto (frozen pea + basil + salt + lemon juice) also with tomato, on rye sourdough. Sooo good!

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kabocha as dessert


Sunday was takeout day so Lizzy had dumplings and Sofia had her fav spaghetti from Pancake House.


Sofia and I spent the afternoon reading again in “library room” and I’m 2/3 way to this book already. Then it was zoom piano performance time. Usually every 6 months the piano teacher would organise a performance concert of all her students, given the pandemic it had to be done through zoom. Zoom piano lessons are not as effective and i can see that she’s not progressing as fast and I was worried that she might lagging behind her classmates. After listening to other kids, I was relieved, because it seems that other kids also struggled. And to my surprise, Sofia performed her songs perfectly, much much better than during her practice. 😀

IMG 6021

Gratitude: I am grateful for our piano teacher. She’s a very strict but responsible teacher. She acknowledges kids challenges and is doing everything she can to encourage them to practice more and better. She gets worried that Sofia was not learning 1/16 notes, and honestly she hasn’t learned fractions so the concept of 1/16 seems impossible. But she was trying all possible examples to tell her, and she’s finally getting it.

2 thoughts on “Day 140: Sunday usuals + new fav podcast

  1. I can’t wait to check out that podcast. I haven’t yet but I saw it on SHU’s blog too and looks really interesting! Way to go Sofia on rocking that piano recital!! We haven’t had any virtual recitals yet, only lessons. I’m not sure if their music school is planning to do that or not. Maybe later this fall they will, since the virtual lessons seem to be here to stay indefinitely.


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